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If this is not the league's purposeful revenge rocket after the departure of the G1, there is no reason to find it! In the G2 Western Conference semifinal of the Rockets and the Warriors, the league sent Scott Foster, who has the title "Rocket Buster" as the umpire. The result is clear, an addition to Foster's brilliant record.

Why has Foster, who has a 25-year history in the NBA, been nicknamed "Rocket Buster"? The reason is very simple, because in the last two years, since the Rockets arranged for him to judge, the Rockets record is 0 wins and 7 losses, and even in the last 8 games by Foster to judge the Rockets star dominated the game Paul, Paul also swallowed in full.

One of the most impressive battles, the Rockets reached the Western Conference Championships of the Warriors last year, the battle of seven games, but also the Foster Law enforcement, and he recently served as Rocket referee, on February 22 this year, the Rockets suffered The Lakers, the outcome of the game Paul and "bearded" Harden are all guilty of graduation.

Harden irritated Foster at the end of the game. "Foster was supposed to be banned from blowing up rockets, he's rude and arrogant, I think he must have personal complaints with me," Harden finally received a $ 25,000 fine, and Foster did not end it. the remaining regular season of the Rockets.

I did not expect the championship to be so crucial in the Western Conference semifinals, and then Foster as referee. The central state is well known, but after the G2 game, Paul or Harden did not criticize the refereeing scale, nor did he comment on Foster. Maybe they are worried that the league will be in the next semi-final of the Western Conference, and once again put the Foster law enforcement!

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