Monday , October 18 2021

NBA / big things are not good! KD leaves pain in Q2 | NBA | NOWnews Today & # 39; s News


Kevin Durant twisted his ankle (figure / Associated Press / Dazhi Image)

In the fifth game of the NBA championship, the Warriors took "KD" Kevin Durant with a concussion but injured again in the second quarter. Now they have left the scene to observe the injury. It is not yet clear if the series can come back.

Durant's return today has a big improvement in the morale of the Warriors The opening team made 5 of 5 3 points and Durant also scored 5 points at the end of the first quarter to help the Warriors lead by 34:28. The possibility of winning.

But in the second quarter, Durant did not take long, Durant fell on the ground in a single round and suspected that the old injury had occurred, and the team immediately asked him to return to the salon for treatment. At this time, fans of the audience also had a good way to get up and applaud him, so the stadium was so wild that there was a feeling of warmth.

But for the Warriors, the current situation is very bad, if you do not know if Durant can come back, the campaign will win, and the game will be very difficult.

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