More orders can not compensate for the black hole! Stricken foreign equity chain stung TSMC – China Times News


Apple recently revised its first-quarter financial test, triggering a fall in Apple's share price, and took the lead in lowering the target price of global founder TSMC last week. Stocks of 214 yuan were revised to 199 yuan and November 14, and Bernstein reduced TSMC's target price to 225 yuan, and said TSMC and other customer requests could hardly meet weak demand for smartphones from Apple and by the crypto-coins market. The black hole of the accident.

TSMC will launch a law conference on Thursday (17), but there is a lot of bad news right now. BERSTEIN analysts Mark Li and Zhen Gong mentioned in the report that TSMC's revenue in 2019 may not be very good, and earnings per share may fall 3 percent. For lower Q1 expectations, the cut-off effect will also be in the second quarter. Composed of pressure, decided to cut the target price by 11%, 225 yuan, but still believe the TSMC will have strong support at 200 yuan, the rating is consistent with the broader market. TSMC opened lower on day 14, and the intraday price fell 1.6% to 217 yuan, and the decline in the last session converges. The closing price is 218.5 yuan.

In fact, analysts such as Morgan Stanley Charlie Chan warned the future prospects of TSMC last week. The weak market for smart machines is not limited to Apple. The demand for 4G smart phone chips is likely to fall by 10%, in addition to the output of smart 5G chips. Limited, the TSMC forecast in 2019 is disappointing.

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