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"The Mermaid Princess" Zhong Lijun cooperated with 12-year-old Zhang Lunshuo on the reality show "If Love" to end the fire of love, the two were married the following year, Zhong Lizhen decided to change the three daughters to the surname Zhang, a family of five happy and happy, The couple is also the model couple in the entertainment industry, and Zhong Lizhen (25) made a document mentioning the love of the younger brother, thinking that love has nothing to do with age, no matter how big or young, 12 years.

The mainland reality show "My Little Boy" invited Zhong Lizhen and Zhang Lunshuo to be invited. In the statement released, actor Chen Xuedong said: "Why can a man be ten or twenty years old, why a woman can not ? " Let Zhong Lizhen madly wave to respond, and Zhang Lunshuo forwarded the crazy praise Chen Xuedong: "You're right."

Full text of Zhong Lizhen Weibo. (Figure / drawing by Zhong Lizhen Weibo)
Full text of Zhong Lizhen Weibo. (Figure / drawing by Zhong Lizhen Weibo)

Zhong Lizhen also pointed out in Weibo: "I think love has nothing to do with age," which means that if you are 12 or 12 years old, "what do you think? I think love can cross the age, cross national borders, cross the culture ". Differences, even throughout life and death, "Zhong Lizhen pointed out," As long as there is love, it is enough, because love is everything. "

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