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Lin Yizhen's point of view: Is there any vote on the continent for everything? Windmills

Rebuilding the sense of responsibility has been of concern to the people of Taiwan, but the Cai government is still ignorant, still accustomed to opposing opponents, blaming the continent for all things, avoiding responsibility and deceiving the people. The Cai government, which has no political responsibility, is not like a ruling party with shoulders and responsibility. Obviously, it is political misconduct and poor implementation, but it has made people belittle the disappointment of the responsible minister. The Japanese typhoon, the evacuation of Kansai airport and the inability to see the incumbent will blame only the false news of the continent, prompting workers diplomats to pay their lives: since the county's election campaign and mayor, the Cai government has constantly questioned the Mainland China. Involved in this election, recently Chen Mintong, chairman of the Mainland Affairs Council, warned mainland China that Taiwan's democratic system is inviolable and should not interfere in Taiwan's elections and interfere in Taiwan's internal affairs. In order to promote the disadvantages of party candidates in power, it is possible to repeatedly accuse the opposing forces of infiltrating the media without any evidence, and operate the voice of the network behind them, and deliberately hide the power of red forces to intervene in the elections in Taiwan, instead of facing The fact that management is weak, cross-strait relations are not good and the economy is in trouble. All kinds of things, as shown again, the arrogance of ruling bureaucrats, love the power of the pile, play with power. It will only call the words of Taiwan's democratic values, but it will never assume the political responsibility it deserves. Black and colored political calculations, repeatedly cheating, do everything to take the blame. Mainland Affairs Council chairman Chen Mingtong "warned" China not to intervene in the Taiwan elections. (Photo by Yan Linyu) There is no doubt that cross-strait relations have already fallen to the freezing point, which is well known by the people of the city, there is no political dialogue, mutual political trust and it is easy to lead to errors of judgment and prejudice the well-being of the people of Taiwan. Unfortunately, in order to maximize votes, we can ignore the happiness and security of the Taiwanese people, repeatedly provoke the other side, deliberately provoke the feelings of the enemy and anti-China, completely not on the opposite sides of the Taiwan Straits, security and the well-being of the people. Serious injury, goes …


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