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Reporter Liu Yiting / Comprehensive Report

Hong Kong Star Blue Jieyu was bleak at night, and was found to be violent at home early in the morning of the 3rd. At the age of 55, the news shocked the entertainment industry. Many friends in the entertainment circle were sad. She was once named "The Wutai Mountain" during her lifetime. Although she has disappeared from the fluorescent screen for many years, she has revived her hopes for careers. She wanted to remake the movie "Flying Over the Past." The Hospice

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▲ Yang Manli PO out of the picture to cry the blue Jie. (Figure / Weibo turn / Yang Manli)

▲ Yang Manli PO out of the picture to cry the blue Jie (left). (Figure / Weibo turn / Yang Manli)

After learning that Lan Jieyu passed away, Yang Manli took a picture with him on the afternoon of the 3rd. She wrote a goodbye to sentimentality: "Blue sister, I miss the days of singing, eating and shopping with you. Heaven do not be intimidated and go to the end. " "Oriental Daily" reported that she revealed that the last time she talked to Lan Jieyu was more than a month ago when she heard on the phone, the blue condition was serious, she continued to cough and even the voice changed, but the idea was clear .

At that time, Yang Manli wanted to visit, but she was rejected by Lan Jie. I did not expect to hear the death of a friend every month. She revealed that, indeed, since then, there have been many backstage scenes that invited Lan Jie to film, so Lan Jie rekindles her hopes. As for Lan Jie's last wish, Yang Manli said: "She wants to film the Chinese version of" Fly on the Hospice "and tell others that she is not abnormal, but she is murdered."

▲ ▼ 蓝洁瑛 (图 / CFP)

▲ Lan Jie's last wish was to remake the American movie "Flying over the madhouse." (Figure / CFP)

Early in the morning of the 3rd, Lan Jie was crushed from the violent home. Lei's family friends arrived at the door to smell the smell, and the cause of death is still under investigation. In fact, in the early years of her debut, she had a handsome face and a pair of big eyes, praised by the insiders for her "May Wutai Mountain" and also by the newcomer to the Hong Kong TV station with Wu Junru, Zeng Huaqian, Qiu Shuzhen and Zhang Manyu. Luo Meiwei, Shan Shan Na, Liu Jialing and Mei Yanfang have a good relationship and are called "Women of Kowloon" by Huang Wei.

After the news of Lan Jie's death, the friends of the entertainment circle were deeply saddened. Luo Jiaying, who cooperated with his many films, sadly said on the 3rd that "it is good to go to Buddha's land, and it is not disaster". Qiu Shuzhen also said he hoped that Lanneng would be happy and bear the fruits of the Buddha. Andy Lau is even more frank and sad, and unacceptable for a while.

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