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January car market statistics released throne car sales of God gave way to his own family |

In January, Taiwan's auto market was released, with 44,143 units listed in a single month, up 5.1% from the previous month but down 7.9% from the same period last year. year, the most popular model, "God Car" Toyota ALTIS, was sold in January. Attractive, it reaches 2,155 vehicles, but was surpassed by the same brand "Yaris", with 2,283 vehicles sold on the throne and, this month, YARIS grew 74% in relation to the previous month and 71.3% in relation to the same period of the year past.

According to statistics, Toyota (TOYOTA) and Lexus (LEXUS) brand of the Hetai Automobile sold 14,662 vehicles per month, with a market share of 33.2%, ranking first in the market, 20% over the previous month, followed by China Mitsubishi 5435 vehicles. The market share was 12.3%, 41.6% over the previous month, Yulong Nissan registered 3,970 units, with market share of 9% and the fourth Honda sold 3,525 units per month, with a market share of 8 %, but down 16.9% from last month.

Inspecting the domestically produced models with excellent performance, the first sales seat of this month is Toyota YARIS, Toyota ALTIS is second, Honda CR-V sells 1792 units in third place, others like Toyota VIOS, SENT, Yulon Nissan KICKS, all broke Thousands of achievements.

In imported cars in general, the best sale of RAV4 under the Hetai Automobile is 1922, but it is 7.7% lower than that of the previous month, and 539 for the Hetai C-HR. The brand is not unexpectedly from Hetai Automobile. 3,980 cars were crowned, but fell 0.4% over the previous month, and those of Flowserve were in 1365.

In the luxury imported car segment, Brunswick C sold 899 vehicles, followed by LEXUS ES, which reached 836 vehicles and, if it were Brunswick, sold 3,290 vehicles in the first place, an increase of 30.7% same period last month. 3,183 vehicles called LEXUS and BMW were in third place with 1,676 vehicles.

Hetai Motor said that ALTIS and RAV4 are facing a change, and they may have such good sales. The performance is really good. YARIS has been great this month, benefiting mainly from the Yaris Crossover, released on January 7 and running Yaris. Sales of general models. (Chen Yiwen / Taipei Report)

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