Is there a real story? The Fan Bingbing family reunion was betrayed by his younger brother! – Zhongshi Newsletter


Fan Bingbing and Fan Wei rolled their eyes. (Figure / Weibo flip)

Fan Bingbing, an actress from the mainland, was involved in evading tax evasion last year. She was hidden for 9 months. Finally, on this Lunar New Year she took the initiative to greet the community site and greeted everyone, prompting speculation that she was ready to return. ? Today (9), she and her family made a photographic exhibition, which was originally sold by her younger brother Fan Wei!

Fan Weijin took pictures with his family on Weibo and wrote, "Chinese New Year continues to fly home. Let me introduce you, this is my mother, my father and my sister." I saw him and his father and mother, respectively. My sister Fan Bingbing took a group photo and lay back with my family, I realized that the feelings were very good, especially when I was with Fan Bingbing, my brothers and sisters also looked at each other with a strange look.

When fans saw Fan Biao shouting Fan Bingbing as his sister, he joked that he would like to call his younger brother, "I'm not afraid of being beaten by my sister", "I'm very happy with the skin", "You felt my lack". And he praised the high value of his family, immediately embarked on the hot search list.

(China Times Bulletin)


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