Iran says unmanned reconnaissance plane crash is a "clear message" to the US Oil price rose above $ 63 | Anue 钜 亨 – Energy


Iran announced today (20) that on Wednesday in Hormozgan an unmanned US reconnaissance aircraft was shot down, and the Iranian Islamic Revolutionary Guards alerted police, which was a "clear message" to the United States. International oil prices rose more than 2.5 percent, and Brent oil was above $ 63 per barrel.

At 5:52 am Taipei time on Thursday, cited Brent crude futures rising 2.51% to $ 63.37 a barrel, and West Texas Intermediate crude futures rose 2.91% to US $ 55.54 per barrel.

Brent crude futures rose. (Photo: Reversal)
Brent crude futures rose. (Photo: Reversal)

Iranian media have said that Hossein Salami, commander-in-chief of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, said that overthrowing the US unmanned reconnaissance aircraft is a "clear message" that Iran has made known to the United States: "The Iranian border is a line red and we will violate any form of violation. " , a strong response. "

Salami stressed that "Iran does not want to fight against any country, but we are fully prepared to defend Iran."

Although the US Army denied that there was an unmanned reconnaissance aircraft in Iranian airspace, the US official pointed out that the unmanned reconnaissance aircraft attached to the US Navy was shot down by Iranian land-to-air missiles over the Strait of Gibraltar. Ormuz, when the drone was International airspace.

The oil tanker attack on the Gulf of Oman last week intensified tensions between the United States and Iraq, and now Iran has knocked down US military aircraft, and the situation is expected to worsen.


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