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When Hon Hai President Guo Taiming is elected to the chairman's news, Foxconn's Hon Hai investment case in Wisconsin may have doubts. The Weizhou government plans to re-contract with Foxconn.

Milwaukee JournalSentinel reported that Weizhou Governor Ivers said that it is difficult for the Foxconn Technology Group to fulfill the promise of creating 13,000 jobs.The investment agreement reached between the two parties is no longer valid. The state government hopes to renegotiate with Foxconn to modify the contract.

On how to adjust the content of the new contract, Ivers believes it is too early to speak, but the goal is to ensure that taxpayers and environmental standards are protected.

In 2017, Weizhou provided a $ 4 billion tax incentive to attract Hon Hai to the local factory and to plan an advanced 8K LCD LCD panel factory, expected to be completed by 2020, with an investment scale of US $ 10 billion in the coming years. four years. And it is expected to create 13,000 jobs in Weizhou.

In recent months, rumors about the stagnation of the investment case in Hon Hai Weizhou were rumors.

Although Hon Hai has repeatedly reiterated that he will hold the promise of job creation, Ivers pointed out that Hon Hai is clearly reducing the scale of investment. It is "unrealistic expectations".

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