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Navy scandal! 7 officers and KTV men stripped Angry Commander Carnival!

Defense Minister Yan Defa is really "angry." In the face of various military incidents caused by drinking recently, Yan Defa recently ordered the implementation of the most stringent "alcohol ban" in history. The law "is not allowed to drink alcohol while there are female colleagues present at the time of the meal, and this is no exception during holidays." Let the troops go up and down.

The Chinese military recently caused several major military incidents due to the "drinking", so that the Minister of National Defense, Yan Defa, is very unhappy. He not only held a military review review of military review recently, but also to stop directly the male and female incidents to stop drinking. Units at all levels, as long as there are "female colleagues present," alcoholic beverages are not allowed, offenders increase punishment, the more stringent "alcohol prohibition" in history, but also cause outsiders to question inhumanity and the gender Discrimination disputes.

Many female colleagues have bluntly said that the minister's approach seems to be endorsed by female colleagues, and it seems to be the responsibility of female colleagues, which makes people feel disrespectful. Officials and army men even resigned four times and shouted, "It is forbidden to drink alcohol even if a friend or colleague is on vacation. It is very irrational and violates human nature."

Many officers and men asked if they were married that the wedding banquets were almost all men and women and if they could not drink alcohol on the day of the marriage. This is not the case with the new people. Military officers participate in the marriage of friends, colleagues or subordinates. You will find the same situation, do you have to follow the regulations?

In fact, national army troops have implemented the near-forbidden order of wines for many years, provided that the annual festival dinner, birthday party, meal of consolation, etc., never appears on the table, even for the official banquet. At the end of the point, return to the camp at 10 o'clock, but holidays and time off are not limited.

Recently, military incidents have been reported frequently, and although not all are alcohol-related, "wine" cases have attracted public attention. Including naval captain is suspected of drunken scorpion female sexual assault subordinates, rescue ship officers and soldiers KTV sinister exhibition, and military political generals of the army and local people to go to undue place, etc., so that from of the exercise Hanguang 35 to create a beautiful image National army troops suddenly rose to the bottom.

Any branch of the national army has always been expanded and examined by the outside world. "Military discipline" is an image that the national army can not get rid of. The armed forces revealed that the National Defense Minister was quite angry. Early in June, officers and men from the entire three armed forces were especially called to hold a military review review meeting to fully tighten "military discipline."

In fact, many years ago, national defense had imposed a strict ban on alcohol in the field, there were still military officers who did not believe in evil, secretly opening the room in the middle of the night, and often exchanged the future.

The national army circulated a saying that said, "Do not work hard, do not be lazy, do not play with long eyes." In recent years, the Ministry of National Defense has been exhausted to shape the positive image of the national army. In particular, after the implementation of the complete recruitment system, officers and men of the National Army almost adopted the punishment of "eliminate immediately", as long as they violate the rules of the day.Compared with the official organs of the country, no one can be so strict , but with strict punishment, there are still officers and men with "white eyes." Go on the red line.

In addition, the "Regulation on the Management of Sexuality and Regulation" of the National Army is quite extensive and rigorous, being strictly regulated for men and women in the army, daily life and meal routine. The most important source is the concept of officers and soldiers and the spirit of personal self-discipline.

Yan Defa's intention is good, but it seems to be overkill, a strict implementation of illegal disposal and the removal of incompetent military personnel is the key point. Former Defense Minister Feng Shikuan once said that all the people who came to the army were already adults and that they should be responsible for their actions and pay for their wrongdoing. In fact, he has already made the best interpretation of the military discipline of the national army.

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