Monday , July 26 2021

His wife Neneiden "Chinese Journal of Canada" Netizen: The next step in the big media – China Times News

Well-known online blogger Nana (real name Su Chenduan) and her husband Huang Bojian and his father-in-law Huang Lixiong were suspected of absorbing 1 billion yuan and fled to Canada, causing public outrage, thus establishing the "whereabouts of Mr. Nana" . The community, and today posted a message that the woman Nana went to the local Chinese Canadian newspaper, the next step is to let her go to the mainstream media in Canada.

The association was created on the 10th of this month, attracting almost 3,000 members, and the administrator posted a photo today saying that "Ms. Nana went to the local Chinese Canadian newspaper (the weekly magazine attached to Ming Pao on Saturday). The next step is to take her to the big media in Canada! "And remind Internet users to pay close attention to it, not letting time forget everything.

It is understood that the wife Nana and her husband and father-in-law opened a medical beauty clinic in November last year without warning of bankruptcy and swept 1 billion yuan to escape from Canada, which was subject to fraud by the District Inspection Department of Taipei. People issued an order to pay a bonus of 250,000 yuan per person (3 people totaling 750,000 yuan) to encourage the public to provide clues to three people.

(China Times Bulletin)

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