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Koizaki Yusuke co-created the "AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES" text-adventure game on Aug. 25. Produced by Spike Chunsoft, producers of "The ultimate out" and "infinity" hit Steel Taro, character design July on the PS4, Switch, The Steam PC platform is launched to support traditional Chinese.

The story is described in modern fictional Tokyo, the special search class of the ABIS player Interpol "Ida" is designed to trace the true murder of the mysterious murder. The game splits into the real world and invades the dream world part of an important reference person: players can interpret the truth of this unknown event through the interlocking search of dreams and reality.

Police Department special class of search ABIS police officer Yida key, left eye is right eye
Hey, Ida's fair eyes. This is the appearance when entering the world of dreams.
ABIS Commander BOSS, smart and strategist
ABIS engineer and mechanic floating too, 瞳 绊 maker
High school student red liquid left bank, Iris, collects popularity in the audio and video site on behalf of "A-set"
The students, Chong Pu, currently live with the protagonist, who is a friend of the father.
Shinji is also, the stubborn Iris fans

The male leader primarily analyzes the information and navigates in the memory of suspected or important witnesses through AI-Ball. It is confirmed that the word "AI" of the game name may represent "Artificial Intelligence" and "Eyes" (the pronunciation is similar to English "eye"), or "love", "sadness", etc. (Japanese / Chinese pronunciation) It seems that no matter how you read this word, it shows that this is a Yu style work.

It is expected that the game will be released on the PS4, Switch and PC Steam platforms on July 25, 2010. Players who pre-order the physical game "AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES" will be able to obtain the original soundtrack "Special Soundtrack ~ REVERIES IN RaiN ~ ".


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