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▲ Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe said that to avoid Chen Kang, the Shuangcheng Forum must find a place that is easy to defend and difficult to attack. (Photo / Government of the North City, 2018.7.2)
▲ Taipei Mayor Ke Wenzhe said that to avoid Chen Kang, the Shuangcheng Forum must find a place that is easy to defend and difficult to attack. (Photo / Government of the North City, 2018.7.2)

Is Mayor Ke Wenzhe so stupid and naive? Or is it the top of the green camp? See how Ke Wenzhe plays the "Twin City Forum".

It's July now. July does not mean summer vacation, but the first semester ended. In the middle of this year.

How about half? Not much. The key point is: "Double City Forum"?

This year, the "Twin City Forum" in Shanghai and Taipei was held in northern Taiwan. Looking at the beginning of the year, Ke Wenzhe and Tsai Ing-wen are still "looking at the eyebrows". The Taipei city government is scheduled to be held in the first half of the year. Time is very fast. "Cai Ke Love" is dead. The first half of the year passed. The election began and everyone became a part. Who wins who wins, who is strong and who is weak is not the focus, the key point is: "Twin City Forum"?

There have been dramatic changes in these two days, but it seems that the focus of concern is not correct. The day before yesterday, the MAC was listed. The day before yesterday, Ke Wenzhe said. The two things are the same day, does not seem to matter, but in fact, it's the same thing.

First, the mayor of Ke Wenzhe. Mayor Ke Wenzhe made a whim and once again mentioned the "City of Gemini Forum". After all, this is the most institutionalized and standardized exchange activity between local governments on both sides of the Strait. In particular, after the nationalist government withdrew from Taiwan, Taipei moved to a very strong "Shanghai culture "which is geographically very close. Become a thermometer for cross-strait relations. Especially after the Tsai-English government took office.

Ke Wenzhe said that this year, the "Twin City Forum" will still be held. Find a place that is easy to defend and difficult to attack. After the Taipei city government's internal meeting is discussed, it will be taken to the mainland for an exchange of views. It seems firm, as Taipei and Shanghai have the final say. It is? Wait and see.

See the MAC listing. The MAC has certainly been listed for a long time. The MAC has existed for more than 20 years. However, the "re-listing" on the previous two days was due to changes in organizational regulations. Formerly known as "MAC Executive Board", now the "Executive Yuan" is removed. Formerly known as the "Organization Ordinance", it is now called the "Organization Law". There were 22 articles in the past, and now it has been greatly simplified to ten. Simple does not.

Seeing that the political media in Taipei was on a cloud, the water was not good, and the Constitution of the Mainland Affairs Council passed, like a piece of cake, was purely an administrative matter. All reports were concentrated on the "Special Vice President was not." This is really the wrong focus, the examination should be duck eggs. This organizational method repairs a "monster." This ministry, which is nominally in the Executive Yuan but is not in the hands of the Executive Dean, it is almost certain that the business of all ministries in the future will be subject to the words "Continent" and will be administered by the Continent Affairs Council. This "pipe" is "pipe management". It's another type of "card management." The provisions of the statutes are cut from half of the twenty-two articles, and the title is vague, which is a representation of the generalization of authorization and the expansion of power. A "small executive court" appeared.

What does this have to do with Ke Wenzhe? You can see the changes in this article.

In the past, MAC was in charge of cross-strait exchanges in Baoshan Baohai, and all corresponding subordinate units were responsible. The relevant provisions on exchanges between local governments on both sides of the strait are in Article 2: "This Council has the responsibility to instruct and supervise the implementation of the affairs of the Association by the provincial (municipal) government."

There are also relevant provisions in the new Organic Law that just passed the third leg of the Yuan Legislature last month to complete legislation. This provision is also in the second article:

"This Council will coordinate or deal with the following issues:
1. The competent authorities shall coordinate and deliberate the provisions of the Regulations on Relations with the Peoples of the Region of Taiwan and the Mainland and the regulations governing relations between Hong Kong and Macao.
2. Matters related to local government matters involved in continental affairs.
3. The government entrusts intermediary organizations to deal with the authorization and supervision of continental affairs. "

The new clause of the law replaces "provincial (city) government" with "autonomous local organs". Because of the beautiful provinces, the "province" has long since died. The exchange activities of municipal and municipal governments have increased. Especially in recent years, the blue camp seven counties. In the process of organizing the law, the dark green media has focused on "insuring the mayor of Lanying County to land." It is? Taipei is not applicable?

How will the MAC manage the cross-strait activities of "local autonomous bodies"? You have already noticed that the provisions of the old law use "the responsibility of directing and supervising". The new law is to "coordinate or coordinate". What is the difference between the two? It seems to be a slogan and the testimony is useless. Finally, they are all examined by administrative practice, case by case. The first and most important case is the "Twin City Forum" in Taipei.

"Instruction and supervision" are more subtle and discreet. But "coordinating and coordinating and manipulating" is not the case. This is very domineering. The "please do with me" type is 100%. Then, we will soon know how the MAC will "coordinate and coordinate" the "Twin City Forum" by Ke Wenzhe.

Ke Wenzhe is a white eye? Or is it fundamentally and Tsai in English to sing and sing a double spring? Will a "comprehensive manipulation" MAC allow Ke Wenzhe to perform a cross-strait show?

On the same day that the MAC was listed, Ke Wenzhe revisited the "Twin City Forum" and revealed three things: 1. He still advocated "a cross-strait family" 2. Beijing eased Ke Wenzhe's efforts to please the dark green . 3. Find a place that is "easy to defend and difficult to attack" and said the DPP will have a fierce resistance.

But there are only 140 days left until voting day. What day can Ke Wenzhe choose? Or, Ke Wenzhe is ready to be dragged into the election, won and said, lose without saying?

Mainland Affairs Council chairman Chen Mingtong called on "Cai Xi Hui" not to assume the premise. Hopeless. Chen Mingtong accepts the "Twin City Forum" based on "cross-strait family"?

Cross-strait relations at the moment are the worst in a decade. Even worse than the first consultation of Chen Shui-bian. Li Wenhui, director of the Shanghai Affairs Office in Taiwan, is coming to Taiwan in February this year. The reason is that when the "China New Song" of the University of Taiwan was hit with blood last year, he was on the spot. Last week, Ye Qinglin, a reporter for Fujian Southeast TV, requested a station in Taiwan, not allowed. The reason is that he was on the scene of the Hualien earthquake in February of this year, and the content of the report was controversial. What most people do not see is that, last year, cross-strait exchanges have been drastically reduced. There are hundreds of continental who have refused to enter Taiwan. Not only the official but also the media executives are closed. I would like to ask: "The Twin Cities Forum" will be sent. Who is coming?

The phrase that Mayor Ke Wenzhe really does not fool is: do not play again. Very fake.

At this point, if you want to run the "Twin City Forum", it is simply a matter of asking for fish. If it's not a white eye, then it's really slippery, and it's a white face, forcing Tsai in English to make a black face, let the MAC block the "Twin City Forum" and let the city of Taipei relax.

For the past three years, in addition to Hao Longbin's stay, Ke Wenzhe cut the World Cup rice tail, what did Ke Wenzhe do? Everything Ke Wenzhe dealt with was a mess. He always solves his own problems and leaves the problem to others.

His campaign slogan is "Glorious City." Excuse me: Where is the glory?

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