Female idols stop in the entertainment industry, underage, forced to take sexy photos – Zhongshi News


"Former member of the Japanese women's group" NMB48 ", Sudo Kazuo, was in the" 9th AKB general popularity election "in the previous year.There was no notice to announce marriage and withdrawal.That caused a lot of controversy.At last month, he said he would withdraw from the entertainment industry.The story inside was really dissatisfied with the company forced to take a sexy picture.

Based on poor physical and mental conditions last month, Sudo 花 花 said she would retire from the entertainment industry. She was told she was dissatisfied with her company to take her on a sexy route. She was cheated on the movie scene when he was under 20 years old. Under the premise of not being clearly stated, she was forced to take a series of sexy photos, and could only let the company do the work and the company's colleagues did not help solve the problem, which left her reluctant to leave the company and introduce yourself. Circle

At the moment, Sudo Sakura was promoted to a wife's career last month. She is now a non-artist. She will focus on her studies and hope to have a college dream.

(China Times Bulletin)


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