"E-sports Avenue of Stars" TGS E-sports frenzy continued to detonate the fight against the special champion on Sunday, iridescent on the 6th, the moment of victory: black action 4, swallowing the world M, legendary clash | XFastest News


The first session of the 2019 Taipei Game Show officially and the one-sail digital team created the "TGS E-sports Avenue of Stars" on the 26th day of the second day of the Fighting Attacks series on the morning of the 16th. The elites strong competitors in the league and competed in the championship, players competed to support the players and in the afternoon, the championship finals were finally won by "Lin Biao" with excellent skills. In addition to the deathmatch for one person, "TGS E-sports Avenue of Stars" also invited the well-known masters live "health" and "Liu Wei" to lead four players to bring "Fighting Attack" as well as a wonderful professional display game . And the final phase of the "Nintendo Stars Big Fight" celebrity game attracts a perfect ending!

The activities of today's exhibition area are also based on the theme "Double Attack." During the video game, the top 500 players who participated in the photo zone to get a punch in the photography area will receive the limited bag in the exhibition area and also invited several Sew to become "Fighting Array". In the last two days of the game game, players are welcome to watch hot events, participate in activities and also compete with the game. game, e-sports and other lucky prizes.

Double Player Battle "Double Attack" is Fierce Just to win the championship

The "TGS E-Sports Avenue" competition has not yet opened the scene, was filled with a strong smell of gunpowder, the first to play is the final single-player of 16 players who stood out from the four preliminaries. The 16 players mingled in groups to launch 6 deadly games, and the top 8 placed were promoted to the finals.

Before the game, popular champions like "Lin Biao", the king pig of Taiwan "Kant", known players "DCrown" and "Jongie" were really extraordinary. They won the first place in the semifinals and the players "surprised" Brought a series of surprises in the fourth preliminaries, from the eighth place to all the way to catch up, the last key moment and "Lin Biao" both scored 29 points, the two met closely, "surprise" successfully killed "Lin Biao" won the first place and scored a beautiful reversal show. In the sixth game, "Surprise" also scored 30 points to advance to the final in the semifinal.

In the semifinals, the eight best players, "Surprise", "Lin Yi", "Jongie", "Mauricio", "Kant", "DCrown", "KINOMVP" and "Meng Keji" gave their all. KINOMVP took the first 30 points in the first game. "Surprise" took the lead in the second game. "Lin Biao" scored 27 and 28 points in the first two games, and won the game in the third game. 30 points, and finally won the deathmatch championship by "Lin Biao" and brought back 30,000 yuan. The other winners were runner-up "KINOMVP", runner-up "surprise" and army temple "Meng Keji".

The main live "health" and "Liu Wei" interacted with the players closely.

After the semifinal, the "Fighting Attack", "Health" and "Liu Wei" Celebrity Screening Tournament took the top 16 players to the 5v5 team deathmatch, and the Health team attracted "Logs", "G87" and " Mauritius ". "A1terEgo" and "Liu Wei" team have "Kant", "Meng Keji", "KINOMVP" and "Peter Pan". The first "health team" leads the way and wins without suspense. The first victory, the second "Liu Wei team" is not to be overcome, first to lead the "health team" by 13 points, but unfortunately the successor, the "health team" rushed to get the ratio to 49:49 , the final is still "The health team is winning.

The team's display contest was called "hehe", "C0wman", "Eddie", "Rapid" and "Dizzy" by former captain "Krapy". Appearing in the TGS acceptance of the rising star, the two sides will conduct the orthodox control mode "Breakout Attack" to bring wonderful teamwork to the public.

Strong Sunday event again climax

In the last two days of the Taipei International Video Show on Sunday (27/1), there was another wave of competitions, and a series of electrical competitions alternated: the celebrity exhibition contest "Iridescent Six" invited the professional team " Team DAD1 "against the celebrity team. The gold award "Decision Time: Black Action 4" was won by the three best teams: "Monster Shield # 2", "S.L.T", "ahp" for the gold medal and the team with more points to kill gains. After the two-week online elimination tournament, the Swallowing World M athletic celebrations selected the four largest "Magnesium Steel Alliance", "Coelho Jiangdong Rex Group", "Wish for Heaven" and "Ode" and the various legions will make all the stops. Fight for glory! "TGS E-sports Avenue of Stars" continues to bring players the best gaming experience.

King Kong live broadcast "The Legend of Celebrity Celebrity Exhibition" to promote the well-known facts of the main "study of spirit", "YU", "small girl", "sucking cock" on behalf of the player, players can watch high-level performance of the live presenter You can also register at the venue and become a weapon companion with the live master. Coupled with the strong enemy, the team that successfully won the victory can also get a limited amount of " King Kong E-sports T ".


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