Dyson Pure Cool Me Personal Air Purifier Fan Launched in Taiwan, the new main airflow technology provides a fresh and clean breeze


Dyson has launched products such as Dyson Lightcycle table lamps and Dyson V11 wireless vacuum cleaners in Taiwan this year to satisfy people's daily lives. Today, the world's first personal air cleaner, the Dyson Pure Cool Me, was launched in Taiwan. Dyson Pure Cool Me Personal Air Purifier Fan With Dyson's newly developed airflow technology, it provides a fresh, clean breeze based on individual user needs. In addition, the HEPA filter efficiently filters viruses and airborne bacteria and captures particles as small as PM0.1, filtering 99.5% of the air, providing a clean, comfortable and safe home environment.
Dyson Pure Cool Me Personal Air Fan Cleaner

Dyson Pure Cool Me Personal Air Purifier Fan Launched in Taiwan, the new main airflow technology provides a fresh and clean breeze

Earlier this year, Dyson launched its first cooling fan built by individual users and was officially launched on the market soon. This personally cooled fan, called Dyson Pure Cool Me, has a small, sophisticated and elegant design with a moderate body height that can be placed at the head of the bed, at the table or in the nursery.

In addition to the previous airflow multiplication technology, Dyson has adopted the new Core Pure Technology airflow technology in Pure Cool Me. This technology improves the way to blow clean air and the direction of the airflow produces an airflow stable and clean. As long as you manually adjust the inflation position up and down, you can gently blow the clean, cool breeze to the specified direction. This is a very handy function for more than one person in the environment!
Sometimes I feel good, but my work partners and family are afraid of the cold. If you are a fan of the past, it is inevitable that one of them commits to blow, but as long as there is a Personal Cool Me fan, gently circle a circle . The surface of the ball will let the cold wind blow to you!

The top of the fuselage also features a wind direction indicator that allows the user to quickly know where the current direction of the wind will blow:

Dyson engineers say the new Dyson Core Flow airflow technology is inspired by the falconer that can take off and land vertically. They found that when two air jets are sprayed on the convex surface, they come together to form a high core pressure and create a concentrated airflow. Dyson engineers have used this aerodynamic phenomenon to create a gas flow that can be precisely targeted to individual strokes:

As a cool fan, silence is also part of many people's care. In order to provide excellent quiet performance, adults, children and even babies at home can have a comfortable family life.In the profile of the clean personal Dyson Fan Cool Me, we can see the internal structure completely, we can see the fan base There is a layer of sound-absorbing foam that can effectively reduce the noise generated by engine operation and to ensure its quiet performance, Dyson's acoustic engineers performed more than 1,000 tests in the laboratory by repeatedly testing the ventilator away from the human body. Volume and sound quality produced at a distance of only 20 cm:

Nowadays, people have a lot of time in the indoor environment, whether at the office or at home, in fact more than 90% of the time is in the indoor confined space. Clean air in these spaces also affects your health. In these indoor environments, there are often many dusts or allergens that are invisible to the naked eye, and if they are in these impure environments for a long time, they may also endanger health. Therefore, it is especially important to choose clean appliances that can help us improve indoor air.

Dyson Pure Coole Me is not just a product that allows us to breathe a fresh breeze that captures volatile organic compounds such as cosmetics, style sprays, perfumes and scented candles. Equipped with a HEPA filter to efficiently filter viruses and bacteria, and capture small particles as small as 0.1 MP to filter 99.95% of the dirt in the air:

Dyson Environmental Control Project Engineer Ben Lowson has also demonstrated the cleanliness of the personal air blower Dyson Pure Cool me.It can be seen that the aerosol in the environment is filtered in a short time:

So the cleaning effect in simulated confined space is also very significant:

The body is also equipped with a dedicated remote control to control the power, air volume, wind direction, timing and other functions of the Dyson Pure Coole Me Personal Clean Fan. When you are not using it, you just need to magnetize the remote control to the body without worrying:

Dyson Pure Coole Me also continues the newly released Dyson appliances with LCD screens that make it easy for the user to master the operation of their personal air cleaners. Including the air volume display, the waiting time and the HEPA filter usage status, and remind the filter to replace:

In addition to providing multiple function displays, the compact LCD also has a "night mode". This mode detects ambient light and automatically dims when it detects dim light, allowing the user to sleep without being affected by the brightness of the screen:

Pre-order information

Dyson Pure Coole Me net personal air fan from the official store Dyson (https://shop.dyson.tw), online shopping platform and Taichung Shin Kong Mitsukoshi outdoor square Dyson technology home experience house (Dyson Home) pre-order , the experience price for NT $ 12,900. In addition to the silvery color, there are also three colors in black steel (as shown below) and black copper:

The three different color models are combined with the corresponding color remote control:

The Dyson Pure Coole Me Black Copper is sold exclusively on the Dyson website:

Dyson Pure coole Me silent personal air blower, starting to pre-order
For more information about the product, please consult the official Dyson website: https://shop.dyson.tw


Different from the past, other Dyson models can be designed for all family members, this is a more exclusive "personal" product of Pure Cool Me. Like our car, we often see constant temperature air conditioners of two zones and even more air-conditioning configurations in the cabin.All cabin members can have the most comfortable air volume and temperature.

And Pure Coole Me is how you and I can get a fresh and clean breeze in the environment of your home, office, etc., and do not worry about products that affect others because of their own needs. Whether you are at work or at home, if you have ever used Dyson Pure Hot Air Cooler + Three-in-one fresh air purifiers, we can keep the home in a cleaner and more comfortable environment.

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