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The total prize of 700,000 US dollars under the Super 750 level of the Malaysian 2019 Badminton Open, today officially lit the war, after the world ball Dai Yingying to challenge the three consecutive tyrants, but also to protect the post ball position, their first round women singles The event is slated to debut at 5:50 tonight.

The Malaysia Open is the third game of Dai Ziying this season. In the first two battles, she stopped the quarter-finals and runner-up in the season but the season has not yet won the championship.The first round of the Malaysian race is the first time in the career 37 Hong Kong player Deng Xuan, the game is the second game of the second night stadium game, Xiao Dairuo successfully passed the customs, the first eight fastest must be against the natural enemies, the Thai player Isaiah, the four first may face all British audiences The women's singles final defeated their Chinese Chen Yuei.

Dai Ziying has been the world's number one single female for 120 consecutive weeks. At the moment, the score is 90,667 points. The second Chen Yufei of the world is 80.807, and third of the world Ohara of Japan waits 80.695 points. The gap with Xiao Dai is not even 10,000 points, so Xiao Dai should at least enter the semifinals of the Malaysian Open to regain ball status.

Taiwanese players who played today in addition to women singles Dai Ziying, Li Yang Yang Jingwei, male doubles Lu Jinglian / Yang Bohan, Taiwanese male single brother Zhou Tiancheng will appear tomorrow, facing the mainland Lin Lin famous, other male The unisex prince Wei Wei will fight for former Danish world champion Viktor Axelsen at the India Open, two groups of male doubles Liao Minjun / Su Jingheng, Wang Qilin / Li Yang and mixed double Wang Qilin / Cheng Qiya, female doubles Xu Yaqing / Hu Yufang will also play .

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