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▲ Yangshuo Steel. (Figure / cut of the sale of the official Facebook giant)

▲ Yangshuo Steel. (Figure / cut of the sale of the official Facebook giant)

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The US-Japan Main League Starshift was held again four years later, and the Major League Stars played against the Tokyo Superliga on the 8th. Major league players who have come to Japan are looking forward to this exchange , and veteran Yadier Molina also expressed his respect for the Japanese players and looked forward to the game.

The main team of the Major League will play six matches with the Japanese National Samurai from November 9 to 15. Before that, the main team of the Main League will play a game with Giant Yomiuri on the 8th. I hope to start the game against the team of the great league. The Major League Stars team will play a total of seven games in Japan.

Since the first WBC Classic in 2006, Molina has represented Puerto Rico at home, although the team did not play against Japan at the time, Japan won the final qualifying tournament, and the delicate Japanese style made Molina open. Eyes: "I've always admired the attitude and spirit of the Japanese players' competition, especially for the game. I look forward to playing a good game with them."

▲ Molina. (Photo / Dazhi Image / Associated Press)

▲ Molina. (Photo / Dazhi Image / Associated Press)

The sailors will go to the Tokyo Dome on March 20 and 21 next year to begin an opening battle overseas with the sportsman who will be in Japan to enjoy a different style in the game between the US and Japan. the enthusiasm of the Japanese fans personally.

Hannig mentioned that from past to present I have heard that Japan loves baseball a lot and also produces many excellent players. Especially for baseball, there is a lot of fanaticism. "There are a lot of big fans in the United States, but there may be more here, baseball is Japan's national ball, this is super cool!" I often get emails from Japanese fans, and also contact many Japanese fans on social software. I thought I'd have Japanese fans, which is pretty cool. "

▲ Sailor pioneer Mitch Haniger has returned home. (Photo / Dazhi Image / Associated Press)

▲ The crew of sailors opened the way for the leader Mitch Haniger. (Photo / Dazhi Image / Associated Press)

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