Citibank Silver Alarm System Falls Totally Zero Customer Deposits | Apple Daily


Citibank broke the computer on the morning of the 30th. Some people searched for personal accounts online but found that the system crashed and the deposit balance became zero. The "Apple" reporter asked Citibank that Citigroup said it was repairing actively. The guarantee is that only the account number is displayed incorrectly, but the actual deposit of the account is not small.

It is understood that Citibank suspected that the computer system had fallen in the morning, Citi user deposit accounts were zeroed and the account balance was also reversed, including Citi's online bank and ATM. The results are the same, but there are also Citi customers. In the morning, I still use the online bank for the US dollar, which is a successful completion of the transaction. A person who goes to Citigroup's withdrawal can also receive the money without problems. It is estimated that the number not affected drop in some customers.

After Citigroup said that the situation was understood the first time, the IT department immediately began to redeem, and it is estimated that Citi will explain this later. (Lin Jiechi / Taipei Report)

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