CISCO exposed the details of Cooper and Ice Lake Xeons, LGA4189 is coming | XFastest News


As of this season, Intel plans to launch the Xeon processor with Cascade Lake. Some versions will have a multi-chip design in the form of Cascade Lake-AP and will combine two wafers, each with 24 cores. The next generation of Lake Cascade will be Cooper Lake, followed by Ice Lake. Intel officially confirmed that Cooper Lake will be built at 14 nm, while Ice Lake will be built at 10 nm.

However, CISCO has released some details in the 2018 Single Computing System Update. He mentioned that the currently available Cisco M5 server will be replaced by the M6 ​​model from 2020, and then the M6 ​​will use the Cooper Lake and Ice Lake processors Xeon. More importantly, it is interesting that the Whitley platform seems to have confirmed the use of 8-channel memory and PCI-Express 4.0. While it is true that Ice Lake supports PCI Express 4.0, Cooper Lake seems to be able to choose between PCI Express 3.0 or 4.0.

The Cooper Lake will be based on the architecture of the Skylake, while the Ice Lake will be based on the architecture of Sunny Cove. However, for the Cascade Lake-AP, Intel began to adopt the design of various chips. At Cooper Lake, Intel can use the PCI Express 4.0 I / O-Die. To provide 8-channel memory and PCI-Express 4.0, the Whitley platform platform will also use the LGA4189 slot.



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