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Chen Qimai, vice rector of the Executive Yuan, hosted the Dengue Fever Prevention Conference on the 19th and announced that the central government approved the budget of 53 million prevention and treatment for the high-city program and accompanied Chen Qimai to inspect the affected area and thanked him personally. When the two talked softly, the Korean doctor asked Dr. Chen Qimai, a dengue prevention problem, so that netizens could not stop shouting: stable.

Yu and Chen Qimai from South Korea inspected the Jinshi Lake market in Sanmin District and whispered to Chen Qimai: "I have a question, why is the Kaohsiung meeting?" Outbreak .. Outbreak of inertia .. This is a problem, "said Chen Qimai. There are many vector mosquitoes, and the environment here is complicated, there are interchanges, the Golden Lion Lake, the funeral homes and the swamps are ancient … ".

PTT netizens posted the article pointed out that seriously, Han is always stable! If you really want to be a president, you better ask if you are dissatisfied Ask a prefect why dengue will erupt. This is the time a mayor really should have, instead of creating a blue-green opposition. After all, the Korean Yu knocked over the blue-green wall. The president is also the same attitude, praise and praise!

Villagers also believe that "Yes, it is worth encouraging to live to learn from old age." "Before you want to prevent epidemics, you must first know how to develop an epidemic." "In February, I told the Executive Yuan, the Executive Yuan is now Just people sent, the screw is loose?"

(China Times Bulletin)


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