CAPCOM, high-scoring girl's cooperation Launched day of the lie "Quick Whirlwind" background direct shooting web game (142308) – Cool3c addiction technology


CAPCOM has teamed up with the high-scoring girl to launch the direct shoot-on-the-lieb web game with the vortex V as the backdrop.

First photo

For this year's Fool's Day, CAPCOM has created a direct-shooter through the web platform, featuring the mysterious new "G" character who debuted on the "Quick Whirlwind V" last year and claimed to be "the world president."

During the game, the user can operate the "G" through the left and right buttons, and the "G" will automatically launch the bullet to attack, and can increase the attack or defense ability through various types, and the heads of each level The characters in the series "Quick Whirlwind", as well as the attack mode, are also classic movements of these characters.

In the related introduction page, CAPCOM also collaborated with the author, Mr. Alice, to design the comic book "High Score Girl", and the Japanese title of the "High Score Girl" was changed to "April Fool".

It is the third photo of this article by Capcom to launch the direct shooting game

It is the 4th photo of the direct shooting game

The mysterious new role "G" calling itself "the world president":


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