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AIDS is seen by many as a beast. A 30-year-old woman in the UK is infected with HIV in her mother's womb and was born to be a patient with AIDS. When she was young, she was so intimidated to drop out of school. She also lived in the fog of AIDS until her mother died of untreated treatment. She began to actively treat. She then met her current boyfriend, who gave birth to a healthy 5-year-old daughter without taking any security measures. The woman said that it was unbelievable when she became a mother and also chose to speak to the public:

I want to tell you that HIV can be controlled, even if it is a carrier can live normally.

Sasha was intimidated by his colleagues to give up because of the identity of AIDS patients. (Source: Facebook)

According to the British "Sun" report, Britain's Sasha Goodman, 30, was not cured after suffering from chickenpox at age five. She was infected with HIV through her mother. After she informed her friend about it, she soon learned about it and was seriously bullied and dropped out of school.

Sasha went through a lengthy process of treatment, often living under death until the death of the mother because she was not treated properly and finally she was aroused and actively treated with drugs.

Sasha then met her boyfriend Jay Hart, who had given birth to a healthy son before meeting Jay. After Sasha and Jay fell in love, I was worried that I would pass on AIDS to my boyfriend, and I was afraid that my boyfriend would refuse to see her as a patient with AIDS. But Jay is not only not afraid of Sasha, but when he is having sex, he will take the initiative to use condoms to ensure safety.

Sasha gave birth to a healthy daughter under active treatment. (Source: Facebook)

Until they both planned to have a family, they began to seek medical attention. Sasha began receiving high-efficiency antiretroviral drugs, making it difficult to replicate the virus in his body, allowing the immune system to recover so that the HIV virus was suppressed even if no safety measures were taken. It is also difficult to infect a boyfriend and a fetus in the abdomen.

The two managed to give birth to a healthy daughter who is now 5 years old. Sasha has revealed her own experience and hopes that more AIDS patients will actively receive treatment and not be afraid of social pressure, even those who are carriers can live normally.


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