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▲ The actresses heard the words "Bright" and began to cry. (Figure / live VLIVE broadcast)

The 55th "Baixiang Art Award" of South Korea's annual event was held at 8:00 p.m. (Taiwan time) today. The biggest awards for "TV Department" and "Department of Movies" were respectively "so dazzling" Jin Huizi and "Witness" Zheng Yusheng He won the gold star, but did not expect Jin Huizi to come onstage. On stage, he read the classic lines of drama, and cried a female actress under the stage.

▲ Jin Huizi won the grand prize and read the classic lines with the script. (Figure / live VLIVE broadcast)

Kim Hyeko did not do a TV series three years ago, at age 77, when she returned to Bright Eyes and played many spectators, despite being named "Best Actress", but did not expect to be the winner of the show. The TV department won the grand prize and was surprised to get on the stage. All the actors on stage got up, but Jin Huizi said he did not know what to say. She got the script "Bright" and recited the last episode. "A difficult life now." Since you were born in this world, you have the right to enjoy all this, even if the normal day passes, the boring day will come, and life will still have the value of living. Do not let the past sorry and you The restless future is ruining the present, please live today, you have to live very breathtaking, because you have this qualification, the line once again thrilled the audience, the actresses are crying.

▲ ▼ Zheng Yusheng won the grand prize, and partner Jinxiang began to cry. (Figure / live VLIVE broadcast)

Zheng Yusheng, the "Witness" who won the "Movies Department" award, said the awards will be awarded to crew members. I also hope that the movie's plotlines can be delivered to the public, not to see people with prejudice, but also to admit that the film met a lot. Difficult, fortunately, there is the best partner Jin Xiang, a witness managed to cry.


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