Sunday , February 28 2021

"Adventure Chant" will increase base function to walk more like humans | XFastest News

In the process of playing the "Adventure St." VIP demonstration version, many players spit on the character's slow walking speed at the base of Tassis, and Bioware also heard everyone's voice, indicating that it will increase the run in the fortress. Function.

Mark Darrah, producer of "Adventure of the Hymn," said in an interview with GamesRadar that they had already banned players from running on Tassis, mainly because they wanted to feel that they were just walking around, wearing no armor. The "Superman" form. Casey Hudson, general manager of Bioware, added that there was pre-game race speed, but was excluded for some reason while doing the VIP version of DEMO. At the same time, he also confirmed that the sprint function will return when the game is released, and this feature will not be installed on the free trial on February 1st.

"Adventure Chant" will be officially released in February and February, landing on the PC / PS4 / Xbox One platform.


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