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Zurich: Fire Department interrupts conversion to digital telephony

After the Zurich City Police emergency numbers 112 and 117 have been repeatedly unavailable due to technical problems, Schutz & Rettung Zürich, Switzerland's largest alarm center, is changing digital telephony for now.

Schutz & Rettung Zurich media agency confirmed, at the request of the Keystone-SDA news agency, Saturday searches for "Tele Züri". According to an internal risk analysis, it was decided that the change would not be carried out as planned on Monday. This is because it is not known exactly why the Zurich city police were not hit twice in a row.

Now wait until Swisscom finds out where the error is. Switching to All-IP digital technology is now open. According to Swisscom, a change in system configuration has led to problems in the Zurich city police. Swisscom took note of the decision, he said.

Redirection to cantonal police and Bern

Zurich city police emergency numbers 112 and 117 were on Friday morning due to technical problems that were not available for the second time. Emergency calls were sent in part to cantonal police in Zurich or cantonal police in Bern.

The diverted emergency calls were redirected back to Zurich city police by the cantonal police operating centers. The redirection of emergency numbers to the cantonal police is part of the emergency concept, which is automatically activated in case of interruptions. City police were still available at 044 411 71 17.

Zurich police emergency numbers were already last week on Wednesday afternoon temporarily unavailable. During the system supplier maintenance work, unexpected disturbances occurred.

Today Schutz & Rettung's dispatch center uses the same analog telephone system as the Stadtpolizei Zürich. With regard to analog telephony shutdown, the center would have been converted to the new digital technology. (SDA / noo)

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