ZSC sticks to defeat still on the line


Nothing to reach the winner of the cup: the ZSC Lion has to accept a stroke, the first against Zug this season. The ECC, on the other hand, follows the Bern Leader every turn. E: Davos definitely has to go for the round! The Overview

(The game to read on the ticker)

The gates: 25. Everberg (Diaz) 1: 0. 33. Flynn (Martschini / PP) 2: 0. 43. Flynn (Suri / PP) 3: 0.

The game: After Zug lost the last seven duels (including the playoffs) against Zurich, Dan Tangnes' team has been biting from the start, scoring in front of the goal. The play remains on both sides initially on the track. There are few chances. The game will not open until Dennis Everberg brought the ECC to the lead after a great job of captain Raphael Diaz. Now the champion on the offensive is noticeable. But Zug's goalkeeper, Sandro Aeschlimann, can not be beaten. And EVZ hits twice in powerplay: Here comes the new American Brian Flynn for his first two goals in NL.

The revenge: In the last game against ZSC in the Hallenstadion, Zug goalkeeper Sandro Aeschlimann was knocked out in Overtime before Pius Suter's decisive goal. This time, the future guardian of Davos keeps his shop tight.

The comeback: Two stars return to ZSC Lions: Roman Wick (back, 4 months out) and Roman Cervenka (pulmonary embolism, 3 months out). Wick nibbles Johan Morant after a few seconds. Cervenka awards in the final section alone before Aeschlimann to 1: 3. And Wick is involved in a fight with Garrett Roe in the second final.

The banner: Before the game, CEO Patrick Lengwiler paid homage to the Zug Cup victory with a brief speech on the ice. And a track under the hall ceiling now celebrates EVZ's only countable success next to the 1998 championship title.

The best: Raphael Diaz (train). The captain heads the game from the center of Switzerland and prepares the opening goal with an elegant run and a perfect pass.

The plum: Reto Schäppi (ZSC). The Nati Center owes a lot.

The gates: 4. Haas (Bieber) 0: 1. 17. Ebbett (Andersson, Moser / PP) 0: 2. 34. Kärki (Salmela) 1: 2. 52. Rajala (Fey, Chantré) 2: 2. 56th Rüfenacht / PP) 2: 3. 59. Arcobello 2: 4 (in goal empty).

Haas with good individual performance against his youth club

The game: At first it seems a one-sided affair. 0: 2 the countries of the sea are late after the first third. Only Bieler himself, Gaëtan Haas, drives everyone in and out. Then Mutzen also uses his first power, after the EHCB has previously failed the same number twice before.Bitter: Marco Maurer wants to save but plays the disc directly on Andrew Ebbett's bat. Everything ran? By the way! 26 minutes into the match, Jonas Hiller showed great heart and had a completely free kick. Goalkeeper Bieler looks already defeated when Haas has the gate open in front of him and leaves. But Hiller pulls his hand to the floor on the floor and can actually catch the kick. There is even applause from the SCB curve. Biel is awake now. And instead of 0: 3, it's nine minutes later 1: 2. The EHCB still gets compensation. But then the countries of the sea with punishments are brought back to the deserved reward.

The failures: At 13 minutes, Biel striker Dominik Diem has to get hurt on the ice after a correct Berners Beat Gerber test. In the last third, Marco Maurer is in the cabin.

The Goalgetter: Since this weekend Jarno Kärki, the new Finn of the EHCB team, can finally play with jersey number 7. The record: Two goals against the Lakers on Friday. One against Bern.

The best: Gaëtan Haas (Bern) against his old club.

The plum: Marc-Antoine Pouliot (Biel): Get 5 minutes before the end SCB-Moser of the legs, then the 2: 3.

Tigers of SCL – Davos 5: 4 n.V.

(The game to read on the ticker)

The gates: 3. Rödin (Lindgren) 0: 1. 10. Dostoinov (Elo, Gagnon) 1: 1. 11. Buchli (Egli, Kessler) 1: 2. 34. Elo (DiDomenico, Huguenin / PP) 2: 2. M. Wieser (DuBois / PP) 2: 3. 39. Kuonen (Diem, Neukom) 3: 3. 46. Pesonen (DiDomenico, Huguenin / PP) 4: 3. 57. Lindgren (Pestoni, Rödin) 4. 61. Dostoinov 5: 4.

Then Dostoyevs dribbles the Tigers in extra time for happiness

The game: The SCL Tigers observe how much of a joke an opponent brings. Surprisingly, especially in the initial phase. The Emmentaler chases the game and is well served with the narrow range until the first interval. Maybe, anyway, soon in the locker room, present the playoff contenders for the rest of the game with far more intelligence than at the beginning. Three points not, but Langnau does not do enough for that. For two is enough, because Dostoinow in the extra hour with an emphasis on hit looking (a giant box). So it's clear: the HCD should definitely compete in the placement round.

Young Sven. The Davos defender with the often higher frequency of error attacks in the 17th minute of the game in a fight already underway between Dostoyevs and Ambühl. And consequently, grant two plus ten minutes penalty.

Buchli – Dominic. The 20-year-old Davos defender scored his first goal in the NL with a 2-1 victory. A moaning tumult that Ciaccio sees too late.

The best: Dostoinov (SCL).

The plum: Young (HCD). When 1: 1 as a viewer in the first row.

Ambri-Servette 1: 0 n.V.

The gates: 61. Kubalik (Müller) 1: 0.

Goal of gold against Geneva

Kubalik shoots Ambri in extra time for the win!

The game: In order to not only see the rear lights of the playoff, the Servettiens must make two defeats – 3: 5 against Langnau and Friborg – after two defeats. Or her coach, Chris McSorley. The Canadian, who had been chilled by former President Quennec for a season, was supposed to perform in such dangerous and important situations. A surprise, a trick or at least an emotional outburst. But McSorley is no longer the old man, the 56-year-old said earlier in the season. He does not rage anymore, he has conversations. So he responds – as well as his team – relatively calm, as Ambris Fischer Berthon finds unhappy in the gang and Geneva continues bleeding. The appearance of Geneva does not reflect its serious situation in the stick fight. The pot is missing, the determination. Or someone who can put the seal on the game. McSorley also announced that this season may be the biggest challenge of his career. In his 17-year career as a coach, Servette missed the 2006 and 2012 playoffs.

Dwarf (s) -Schwalbe: Otherwise, known for his Goalgetter qualities and a popular figure, Dominic Zwerger gets carried away by a swallow. Ösi is indeed touched by Almond, but it is too exaggerated.

power play: Inverted World: In the powerplays of both teams, opponents come up with more dangerous chances of scoring.

potential for intimidation: No, the good man is not yet 40 years old. But 26. But with his long beard and his recent hair, Eliot Antonietti seems much older than him. And more threatening. After a long break, defender Hüne of Geneva is back on a bully tour.

The best – Conz (Ambri).

The plum – Almond (Geneva), Müller is not consistent enough, who can fit in Kubalik.

So this continues in the National League

Sunday, 10.2

Freiburg – SCRJ Lakers 3:45 p.m.

Tuesday, 12.2

Lions ZSC – Servette Clock 19.45

Davos – train Clock 19.45

Friday, 15.2

Ambri – Lugano Clock 19.45

Bern – SCRJ Lakers Clock 19.45

Biel – Lions ZSC Clock 19.45

Servette – Davos Clock 19.45

Lausanne – Freiburg Clock 19.45

Train – Tigers SCL Clock 19.45


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