ZDF host Andrea Kiewel is almost unrecognizable


Andrea Kiewel, host of TV Garden, is almost unrecognizable to many viewers.

Just a bit of makeup, sporty-natural look: Then I knew millions of TV viewers favorite Andrea Kiewel (53) from the "ZDF TV Garden". But now the presenter has undergone a flagrant change.

Last weekend, she did an incredibly shiny makeup, with a bright red mouth and visibly rejuvenated by the broadcast of the holiday island of Gran Canaria (E).

The public is surprised

The public did not believe in their eyes, in social media, the new "Kiwi" since then diligently discussed. "OMG, what did Andrea Kiewel do there?" A user asks. Another adds: "Andrea Kiewel – what happened? Did I miss anything? "Or," I did not recognize them at all. " A user of the TV Garden page Instagram finds clear words. "What happened to the face of kiwis?"

What is really behind the woman's new look on TV is not known. Kiewel himself, according to the photo, did not want to express his rejuvenated appearance. (WYT)


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