"You Swiss might like to get a little angry with me"


Liverpool are in the semi-final of the premier class after a 4-1 win at Porto. Xherdan Shaqiri is not used again. After the game, Jürgen Klopp talks about the reasons why he is currently without the Swiss.

Just before Christmas, Xherdan Shaqiri has become a new pleasure for the public in Liverpool. The magic cube had fired the Reds with an advantage over arch-rival Manchester United after shining with goals and assists in previous games. English newspapers nicknamed the Swiss "bargain of the year": Shaqiri had moved from Stoke City to Liverpool in summer for less than 15 million euros.

The compliments for the 27-year-old player Nati are gone. The main reason is that Shaqiri rarely – to say no more – is used. In the last ten competitive games, Shaqiri managed to play only one (!) Minute. Even in the Reds' 4: 1 win at Porto, the Swiss smell badly for 90 minutes on the bench. Although the quarter-final duel in the Champions League is settled early, after Liverpool have already won the first leg 2-0.

Liverpool march on – Shaqiri looks back

Liverpool leave Porto unbeaten in the second round of the quarter-finals of the Champions League and win 4-1. The Reds are like that again in the semifinals.


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After the game reporter SRF Dani core Jürgen Klopp to the speech. "In Switzerland, you really are very popular, but now you're missing a few points of sympathy because they do not bring in Xherdan Shaqiri anymore." What's happening? "Kern asks the Liverpool manager. "Absolutely nothing," Klopp replies. "As a coach, you do not like to talk about it, because nothing happened."

Klopp explains his decision not to trust Shaqiri anymore, with the great quality he has in his team. "If we do not take it to the top – which is often not the case lately – I can not plan Shaqiri so well because of standard situations." The German coach admits, however, that the Swiss had "very rarely" the chance. to show off their skills. "For what he shows in training, he got very few minutes."

Shaqiri recently also had groin problems, but now "top off" and will be useful to his team in the future, Klopp believes and says with a big smile: "You (Swiss) might like to get a little angry with me does nothing. I am totally happy to have it.


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