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The tension of the cervical spine can affect the function of the cranial nerve.

Dizziness as well as tinnitus (tinnitus) can have different causes. It is often underestimated that in about 40 percent of cases cervical dysfunction (cervical spine) is the cause of dizziness. Cervical spine problems can also be the trigger for stressful tinnitus. Therefore, physicians should always consider this option in diagnoses as soon as other causes, such as vascular problems or a brain tumor, are excluded. The connection is not yet scientifically scientifically proven. However, there is clear evidence that muscle tension and joint complaints in the cervical spine affect the function of the cranial nerves and thus trigger or exacerbate the neuronal discomfort.

Schematic representation of the head with emphasis on the muscles of the neck and ear.

When the tension triggers dizziness and tinnitus


Dysfunction in the cervical spine can be the cause of dizziness and tinnitus. Physical therapy, osteopathy and warmth may help.

Tight muscles press nerve endings

The dizziness attributed to the cervical spine is often expressed as gait insecurity. In tinnitus, it is more difficult to detect the connection, because the sound of ear noises does not expose the cause. Dizziness and auditory noise may occur when the muscles of the cervical spine, the splenius muscle of the head, and the semispinalis capitis muscle contract to press the nerves coming out of the spine. Irritated nerves send different information about the position of the head in the brain, which reacts with dizziness.

Blood vessels are concentrated

Another explanation is that the tense muscles constrict the blood vessels near the cervical spine, responsible for the supply of the cranial nerves. The tension of the cervical spine, for example, can affect the cranial nerves and cause dizziness and noises in the ears.

The Christian Storm Orthopaedist.

When the cervical spine is tight


Tension in the cervical spine can be the cause of tinnitus and dizziness. The orthopedist Christian Sturm explains in an interview what helps against this.

Training, warmth and the right grip

If the cause of the discomfort really is the muscular tension in the cervical spine, they can be treated, for example, with physiotherapy and heat treatments with mud or hot air, which have a relaxing and analgesic effect. In the case of a blockage of the vertebral joints, osteopathy helps: the doctor or therapist feels the blockage and dissolves it with directed grasps. Physiotherapy specifically for both muscles The splenius muscles of the head and the semispinal of the head can stabilize the musculature of the shoulder and neck. If the tension is reduced, the dizziness and the noise of the ear will disappear in many cases.

Abortion is a common cause

Common causes of recurring problems with the cervical spine are poor posture, wrong and unilateral stress at work, as well as excess or physical demand in sports. The unnatural head position while constantly looking at the smartphone also puts pressure on the cervical spine.

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