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«What the left demands, I live»


Magdalena Martullo-Blocher is an exception. The entrepreneur is passed on as the next SVP Federal Councilor – even if she does not want the position supposedly. But first she needs to re-elect for parliament.

June 14. Hundreds of thousands of women across the country are taking the streets for more equality. Magdalena Martullo-Blocher (49) has "better things to do."

On Saturday, the day after the women's strike, the day will be open at Ems-Chemie. For the first time again after twelve years. The entrepreneur expects more than 10,000 people at the company's premises in Domat / Ems GR. Previously, the marquee for 2500 people had to be inspected as well as the exposure of the Ems products and the lost property office in the huge area. Bosses thing.

Then Martullo runs from the session in Bern to Grisons and gives the final instructions: "The shield must be higher" – "The threshold must have disappeared". "At least six people should stay here tomorrow." The team waves and watches. There is still much work to be done. "If we do something, that's right," says Martullo.

A woman is standing with her wife. How does it deal with feminism? "As a businesswoman and mother, I have lived for a long time everything that the left demands."

LOOKING: Mrs. Martullo, do many women work for you?
Magdalena Martullo-Blocher: We are a very technical company, so we have more men than women. Most women, even in higher positions, work in China and America. In Brazil, for example, we have an administrative director.

Women have difficulties with technical work. How can you change that?
I am against forcing women into technical jobs. Women should not have to do anything. Even if a woman decides to be housewife and mother, this must be recognized.

Martullo, however, lives the opposite of the traditional family model – and is even a bit surprised: "I never thought my husband would look at the children and have more in the beginning of the doubt."

More than the daughter

Magdalena Martullo-Blocher (49) initially gained her spurs in the economy. After studying economics at HSG, she was product manager for Johnson & Johnson, later marketing director for Rivella. In 2001 she joined the Ems group of her father, Christoph Blocher (78). When he was elected to the Federal Council in 2003, she took over the management of the chemical company. In 2015, she was elected to the Swiss National Council as Zurich citizen for SVP Graubünden.

Martullo-Blocher lives with her husband Roberto Martullo (57) and their three children together at 17, 15 and 12 years in Meilen ZH.

Because? Did you think he could not do that?
No. But I wanted to know how that changed our relationship. There were fears already: does it satisfy you? Let's discuss raising children? After all, I gave up a little control. Today I can say: it works well.

And your husband is satisfied?
Yes, he is still politically active and involved in the community: currently he is coaching our youngest daughter's soccer team for the base tournament.

For Blochers, the performance principle applies. Father Christoph (78) chose the eldest daughter as his husband – as head of the Ems Group, as a politician, as the future matriarch of the family. She did not disappoint him.

The Ems is even more successful under his leadership than before. Even in politics, the resolute graduate of the HSG has arrived. Set the tone for the SVP Group with a seat on the influential Economic Commission of the National Council. In the end, it is difficult for anyone to believe that this woman will not move to the Federal Council in the next few years – and so will erase the shame of the father hunted out of this position.

The SVP is counting on you as the next federal counselor.
Oh what! (Laugh) I'm an entrepreneur and I do not want to give up on the company. Unfortunately, the Federal Council is very administratively organized and has little time to act strategically. SVP has many good candidates.

Bundesrat or not – first she has to return to parliament. Just four years ago, Martullo managed to secure his seat narrowly. And currently the SVP loses voters. So she has to shake. "Politics is always good luck," she says pragmatically. "But yes: Graubünden has few seats, this will be difficult – especially if all parties are allied against us. But I've always known that I'm only elected for four years and have to prove myself. "

It seems like a heated quarrel between you and Heinz Brand. What is your strategy – an application for the Council of the?
Relative to the Council of States, we announce more in summer. For the National Council, the SVP Graubünden has many strong candidates, such as the president of the cantonal farmers' association. As a mountain canton, Grisons has a good representation in Bern.

Brand speaks splendidly Grison German, but you speak in dialect of Zurich.
Grains are used for tourism (laughter maliciously)I think they got used to it. Most important to them is what I can get for them in terms of hydropower, business, agriculture …

Finally, more than 13,000 people come to the open house. More than a year was planned, organized and built. Giant wheel, inflatable castles, free bratwurst – you can not imagine what this would cost. Six figures, says Martullo. "We like to be generous on such occasions. "We", these are the main shareholders: she and sister Rahel Blocher (42). Family. It goes without saying that Christoph Blocher, the former patron, will pay his respects to the festival. As well as husband Martullos Roberto and the three children.

Some people say that the expensive party is not without cause in the election year. As Martullo is currently very generous show in the canton – and "strong in Bern" strength for every allowance, benefits of that Graubünden.

You recently joined the National Council for more money in favor of Switzerland Tourism. Is this just an election campaign vehicle?
No. The international tourism market has become more difficult. More and more destinations advertise for guests. Switzerland has to be sold well, just because we are not cheap. This advertising costs money, but it also brings something. Every second job in Grisons depends on tourism – I am committed to this in Berne.

Especially in the election year …
I do not just politicize in the election year. For the past four years, I have worked for the Graubünden – in tourism, for example, against online toll agreements and the lowest VAT rate. The Grays appreciate this.

You will also enjoy the "Tour de Grison" that Martullo does in the summer: she is present at dozens of events throughout the canton, will attend Buurezmorge and will be seen at the village festivals. And then we talk about the big issues – immigration and the fight against "EU dictates". Even though she is one hundred percent on the party line, her access seems to be more pragmatic.

The framework agreement is running out of time. To date, the President of the European Commission, Jean-Claude Juncker, has given Switzerland time to clarify the outstanding issues in the framework agreement.
Mr. Juncker gives us a week, that's not serious! After all, these are far-reaching problems. You can not fix this so fast. He is also unwilling to change the text of the contract. That would be necessary. Juncker just wants to do some cosmetics. That's not enough.

And if there are changes in the wage protection, state aid and EU Citizenship Directive that the Federal Council wants: can you then agree?
No. These are only three problems with the adoption of EU legislation. But we do not want to have to take EU law any other way. It is necessary to imagine that: in order to negotiate with the EU, we must take ownership of its legislation. Where is there such a thing? Nowhere else. We want to decide here. This is no longer possible with EU dictation.

The economy fears that it will no longer cost us access to the EU market. As an export entrepreneur, you may not be interested in this.
Our customers in the EU do not care if we have the same laws. On the contrary, you will find it good if we have better conditions. Because it makes us faster, more flexible and more innovative. That's why they buy our products.

Martullo-Blocher is convinced that Switzerland does not need the framework agreement for export. "But only the free trade agreement of 1972. We can do without the massive rules of the EU – this only makes us more expensive." The free movement of people puts our people under wage pressure. "In return, the woman of the economy wants to continue to be present in Bern – and will give her everything in the electoral campaign.

What if it is not enough and you are eliminated?
I am not a professional politician, but an entrepreneur. If I am not elected, I sit in my spare time on my terrace in Lenzerheide, enjoy the view of the mountain and learn to touch the organ of the hand. That's good too.

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