Vouchers: SBB presents all but not GA owners


SBB reimburses credit of more than 83 million copies back to customers because it has made a lot of profit. Only the best customer group, the owner of GA, is practically empty. This raises questions. For example: does SBB curve with the pressure of tariff associations?

SBB CEO Andreas Meyer (57) would also do a good job in the advertising department of his group. Years ago he was described as a dreamer when he said he wanted stable prices or falling on the tickets. Yesterday he announced at the press conference on the success of 2018 that he reached the goal. And he campaigned: "Dreams come true at SBB."

SBB will distribute vouchers and credits worth 230 million francs to customers. This corresponds to price reductions.

Half-price customers, for example, receive a 15-franc credit on their subscription renewal and a 20-franc voucher for a change of class. Or: Everyone in possession of a route signature, module and excursion receive a voucher of 100 francs. But of all the half million super-clients can not be happy – those with the general signature, short GA. 3860 francs allow you to skip this year for a second class, remember.

Moderate coupon success so far

Blick asks why GA customers do not benefit. "It's a balancing act," says Meyer. "To give discounts too, we need to know more about the travel behavior of GA owners. That's where we work.

In fact, SBB does not know exactly what GA owners really can do. SBB sent coupons worth 120 francs in May, for example, for discounts at the bistro on board. Price supervisor Stefan Meierhans (50) described this action in early March at LOOK as a moderate success – only an eighth voucher was redeemed.

A consolation prize

Meyer's explanation of why GA owners do not graze, Meierhans also can not understand. Your guess: anyone who buys a subscription in many zones in the fare networks pays fast as much as a GA – even though he gets much less for it. Stupid, who does not decide then by GA. However, if this knowledge prevails too much, the money escapes the tariff associations. Meierhans: 'The industry therefore defends itself against AG's price measures'.

SBB does not mean LOOK, if they act under pressure from tariff associations. Instead, they point out that GA customers also get something: they no longer need to pay the deposit fee. This happened when you deactivated your GA for a few days and wanted money back. However, it was only ten francs. The fact that it is canceled, GA owners, more like a consolation prize than a dream.

Despite the profits record nerves

SBB remained on the road to success last year. The state railroad carried 1,25 million passengers daily (+ 0.8%). It recorded a record profit of 568 million francs.

What does not flow from profit to reserves, the group is completely on the rail system, for example in rolling stock. Apropos: The late Bombardier Doppelstoecker still costs nerves. According to SBB CEO Andreas Meyer, these are now four times less reliable than the more uncertain trains currently in use.

Concern Meyer also prepared less personal motivation in the company. The CEO is also not entirely satisfied with the timeliness of his train.

One less worry: SBB Cargo managed to get out of the red in 2018. The number one profit in Swiss freight traffic was 12.9 million francs. Ulrich Rotzinger


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