Virus: Why 95% of the population needs to be vaccinated?


LAndrat Ed Day did not know what else to do: he called the emergency in the middle of the week. Of the 300,000 residents of his county, Rockland County, 40 miles north of New York, he had infected 153 with measles – an epidemic. "We must do everything we can to stop this outbreak," Day said. Unvaccinated minors can not go to kindergarten or school for three weeks now, and public transportation is also denied.

The day caused a great stir internationally. In Germany, daycare and school lockups due to measles are almost on the agenda. More recently, a secondary school was closed in Segeberg at the end of March with 700 students because one student had measles.

Two cases, two continents – a global problem. To achieve the declared goal of eradicating measles, epidemiologists have transformed the mechanisms behind measles outbreaks into indicators. So they still want to win the fight against viruses.


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