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Aemisegger announced at a press conference at the Aarauer Gasthof zum SchĂĽtzen that he had come for the resignation eight years after being elected president of the AFV. In doing so, he stated that he was taking the plunge in favor of Aargauer's field football and that he suffered privately and professionally with the charges.

Before announcing his resignation, Aemisegger embarked on a victim role in a 15-minute speech to the media. The "AZ" articles of the past few weeks are biased, wrong and one-sided. He never heard of the allegations – which is not true, the "Aargauer Zeitung" asked Aemisegger several times for answers to his questions, but the AFV president did not respond. Aemisegger did not want to speak in a small circle with AZ on the day of his resignation.

AFV board member Richard Zwicker announced his immediate resignation at the press conference. Thus, the AFV board is composed of three people: Luigi Ponte, Maurice Besson and Armando Granzotto. Significant: Ponte and Granzotto were not present at the press conference. An indication of the ditch in the AFV council and that allegations against Aemisegger are anything but invented and that the blessing of the house in the association is being interrupted for some time.

Luigi Ponte assumes for now

What comes next? Vice-President Luigi Ponte will take over the interim presidency of the AFV. On August 9, the next Ordinary Assembly of Delegates will be held in Turgi, in which a new President and new members of the Board will be elected.

On the other hand, there will be no extraordinary meeting of delegates in view of the crisis of association: if Aemisegger resigned in early April, then the offer of about 40 clubs would withdraw the convening of the extraordinary meeting of delegates.

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The Aargau Football Association holds a press conference: Hans Aemisegger announces his resignation

The Aargau Football Association holds a press conference: Hans Aemisegger announces his resignation

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