Ulrich Spiesshofer: 24 million for ABB's retired CEO?


Pop-up, Ulrich Spiesshofer stepped down as ABB's director this week – under pressure from a new major shareholder. But because of the towel hungry, the top manager does not have to gnaw.

Unbelievably, ABB CEO Ulrich Spiesshofer (55) has stepped down this week – apparently under heavy pressure. BLICK knows: After all, Spiesshofer was allowed to leave Tuesday night, leaving ABB halfway there. Chairman of the Board Peter Voser (61) takes over as CEO until a successor is found.

Then Spiesshofer was gone. But at the general meeting in 2019, it should still be a big topic. Reason: your million salary! According to "Switzerland at the weekend", the industrial group refers to the next annual report to obtain information on the compensation of its former boss.

Possible stock weights

With the help of last year's report, according to the paper, it is already apparent how many millions tend to sweeten Spiesshofer's announced break. Accordingly, members of executive management have a twelve month notice period. So long is the pay, benefits and variable compensation. "Switzerland at the weekend" estimates the total at 5.4 million francs.

Another 8.5 million francs could bring the ban on competition to the former boss. In all, they would be 14 million francs.

It is unclear if Spiesshofer also receives a sharing package. This is part of the long-term incentive program. If Spiesshofer reached the goals set there, then he receives the shares currently worth about 10 million francs. Spiesshofer's payday could potentially reach 24 million francs. (JFR)


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