Tuesday , October 26 2021

Three hospital patients died from sandwiches contaminated with Listeria pre-packaged


The UK government is investigating an outbreak of Listeria that has killed three hospital patients. So far, packaged sandwiches are the likely trigger of the outbreak.

In London, three people died, while three others are seriously ill due to a Listerienausbruchs in hospitals. According to the authorities, people infected with Listeria were seriously ill and treated at the time of infection in hospitals. The dead were patients from two hospitals, one in Manchester and one in Liverpool.

Investigations by several authorities and local authorities are already underway, and infections so far have been associated with pre-packaged Listeria-contaminated sandwiches. According to Collin Sullivan, chief operating officer of the Food Standards Agency, investigations are still ongoing as to how the outbreak occurred, and the agency is also looking for ways to protect vulnerable groups from outbreaks.

Listeria outbreak

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