Thousands of Formula One opponents demonstrate on bikes in Bern


Cyclists demonstrate against the race of E-Prix cars. Image: KEYSTONE

Thousands of Formula One opponents demonstrate on bikes in Bern

Around a thousand people protested in Bonn on Thursday night against the appearance of Formula E. With bicycles, they drove once on the race track.

They wanted to show how they imagine modern mobility in the city: "inclusive, slow and energy-saving." The committee called for the "Formula E ade" demonstration.

On the way, demonstrators were applauded by villagers and people from the fence. The organizer's staff was concerned that banner ads along the runway were being destroyed significantly.

The Formula E circus will be shown in Bern next weekend. Extensive traffic restrictions already apply in affected quarters.

The board dominated by the reds and greens approved the race, to the annoyance of the parties of red and green. The SP and the Green Alliance are against the race, despite having three out of five seats in the city government.

Race classified as environmentally harmful

From the point of view of opponents, the Formula E race is harmful to the environment. It takes more than a thousand truck rides, and thousands of car enthusiasts would probably come with their own vehicle. These are all avoidable rides.

Ultimately, the tourism industry and the organizer alone serve the occasion. Electric cars are not an effective means of tackling climate change, unless car traffic is massively reduced.

The committee set the goal "that car racing in the city of Bern will never be completed again." The guest of Formula E in Zurich in 2018 and will return to the city of Limmat next year. In 2021 there will be a race in Geneva. How it continues then is opened. (Tam /

The best photos of Formula E Prix de Zurich

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