This brings the "April update" to Windows 10


Windows 10 optionally has a brighter appearance.

The next major Windows update comes in April – and there are 7 new features

In April, the next major update for Windows 10 will be released. The next version of the operating system promises a host of new features. An overview.

Every year, Microsoft releases two major updates for Windows 10: usually one comes in the spring and another in the fall. Also this year a new version for Microsoft's operating system should appear in the spring: Windows 10-April-Update.

An official release date has not yet been mentioned by Microsoft. Trial versions have already been run for users. The update brings as always dozens of new features, but these seven innovations are already considered safe, writes technical portal

1. clear subject

Windows 10 in bright light theme.

In the last update of Windows, Microsoft also allowed Dark Mode to Explorer. Now a light theme, a brilliant way, is to follow. In mode, the colors in the Action Center, the Start menu, and the taskbar are brighter. In the future, Windows 10 can be used in classic design, in dark mode (black backgrounds) or in light mode.

2. Microsoft separates Cortana from research

The Microsoft Cortana Language Assistant is no longer part of Windows Search. If you type something into the search bar, you will get results from the operating system. If you want to consult Cortana, you need to click on a separate button.

3. Start Menu Changes

With the next update, more pre-installed applications should be deleted.

According to the "Tech Radar", the Start menu is less confusing in the Windows 10-April update. You should also be able to delete more preinstalled applications. What are these here. In addition, the start menu in the future in its own process runs: «StartMenuExperienceHost.exe» instead of «ShellExperienceHost.exe» as before. This should make it smoother and less prone to problems that may be caused by other processes in the system.

4. Updates can be paused

Windows 10 Home Edition users should be able to pause security and feature updates for a longer time from the next release. Previously, this option was reserved for Windows 10 Pro users. Home Edition users could only postpone the updates for a short time and needed to use tricks to stop automatic updates in Windows 10.

5. Updates the backup space

In the future, Windows should reserve seven gigabytes of system memory for temporary files. This is to avoid error messages when downloading updates because there is no storage space.

If you want to test the innovations yourself, you have to register for the "Windows Insider Program". The option for this can be found in the Windows settings via Update and Security. But beware: the next versions are usually unstable, use at your own risk.

6. The "Sandbox" feature is entered

Windows 10 Professional users must have access to the sandbox tool. It is an isolated environment from the rest of the system. Here users can experience potentially dangerous programs, such as files from unsafe sources, without endangering the rest of the system.

7. The error screen shows the solution

The "blue screen of death" appears every time Windows is no longer safe because of a problem. In the future, the error message should also show solutions that users might experience. Error messages should also contain a link to a knowledge database.

April update still under test

So far, Microsoft is still testing the next version of Windows 10. Updates are distributed to the Windows Insider program testers called Fast Ring and Slow Ring. Fast Ring testers are among the first to receive the new version. However, this version is also more prone to errors. Slow Ring users often get more stable builds.

As Microsoft reported on its blog, the company withdrew a version for Slow Ring users: testers reported upgrade issues with Build 18362.

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