Thursday , October 21 2021

The Tire crane passes because of the Töff driver


A 96-ton tire crane ran on Tuesday at Ricken SG. The accident happened because the crane driver had to avoid a fallen Töff driver.

Almost a pilot in Ricken SG would have lost his life if he had been hit by a one-ton crane with tires. The near-fatal accident happens on Tuesday, shortly before 7:45 am: a Töff driver (61) is at Wattwilerstrasse in the direction of Ricken SG on the road as he drives into the trailer of a car. The 61-year-old falls and stays in the next range.

And now it's getting dangerous for the man lying on the floor. For a 96-ton pneumatic crane, the 61-year-old driver – at the wheel of a 57-year-old man who reacts in spirit, as cantonal police St. Gallen wrote in a message.

Various damages of 100,000 francs

The driver dodges from the driver Töff, plunges into a landfill and rolls. The crane's handlebar may escape unharmed from its cabin, but it suffers a shock. The Töff driver did not hurt himself.

For unilateral traffic regulations, the responsible fire brigade was mobilized. The recovery of Pneukrans is a logistical challenge. Experts will retrieve the vehicle and transport it. When this is the case it is still unknown. Damage to property is hundreds of thousands of francs. (JMH)

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