The FCZ is rewarded for its brave offensive play


After four unbeaten games in the Super League, the FCZ of Lucerne returns to winning ways with an efficient style. The Stadtzürcher wins 5: 2 and convinces with its clarity.

Bernhard Brunner, Lucerne

Scorer Toni Domgjoni (number 14) can be congratulated; seemed to be an intimate correspondence. (Image: Alexandra Wey / Keystone)

Scorer Toni Domgjoni (number 14) can be congratulated; seemed to be an intimate correspondence. (Image: Alexandra Wey / Keystone)

He was very serious at first, analytically, Hekuran Kryeziu, the axis in the game of Zurich – Kryeziu spoke of "luck", having won again after four games without championship victories. Then he smiled, but gradually his lips widened and suggested how pleased the people of Zurich were that they did not lose this lead this time. This happened to them against Thun and YB.

They talked about this "about ten minutes" in the break, said Kryeziu, they did not want to return to the channel. Well, that did not happen. FC Zurich did not give the lead this time around, more than that: he built impressively. That was perhaps the most valuable thing about this success.

Praise for Khelifi

The wing wings with Salim Khelifi and Benjamin Kololli prepared two important goals in the 70th minute – Lucerne goalkeeper David Zibung spoke after the "Turboponys", galloped and galloped. Once this same Kololli and the other time Antonio Marchesano with the head met: 4: 1, it was done. FCZ coach Ludovic Magnin had a "brave appearance", the development of football was pleasing to him and all this happens with a certain security. Magnin praised Khelifi, who had convinced him with his agility and his desire to dribble. If Khelifi continues to cheer up, with pace and without dribbling in "place", everything will be much better, said Magnin.

The game was beautiful and interesting – until the goal difference was sometime great. Both teams were inspired by the idea of ​​making a difference in the offense. Not in the same way, not even with the same quality, but the will was felt by both the people of Zurich and the people of Lucerne. FCL coach René Weiler was on high defensive, often not far from the center line, and tried to disrupt the FCZ in the development of the game; sometimes better, sometimes less well.

However, this resulted in a first-time compression so that crucial scenes could take place anywhere in the field. How can you make a move or win a duel to find room to reopen in the next zone? That was the question everyone seemed to ask during this break. In the decided answer in the initial details. Later not more. As the past of Zurich gallop past to Lucerne.

Defensive weaknesses of the lucerne

Weiler said after the game he would have liked at first as a referee's penalty, so as not to be "always feeling back." But the whistle did not come, and as a result, Lucerne twice lacked the aggressiveness required in defensive behavior, which helped the FCZ by Toni Domgjoni and fast Stephen Odey to block – 0: 1 and 1: 2 after just under half an hour. But the FCZ not only showed strength, it forgot the offensive. Defender Kevin Rüegg lost the ball far ahead, FCL drew 1-1 with Blessing Eleke. There still seemed to be details to decide, since you were at eye level. The feeling did not last long.


Lucerne: Zibung; Kakabadze, Knezevic, Cirkovic, Schwegler; Feka, Schulz (60 Vargas); Eleke, Custodian (74th Grether), Schürpf (84th Schneuwly); Juric.

Zurich: crusher; Rüegg, Bangura, Maxsö, Pa Modou; Hekuran Kryeziu, Domgjoni; Khelifi (78th Rodriguez), Marchesano, Kololli (87th winter); Odey (84th Ceesay)

Comments: Lucerne without Lustenberger, Ndenge and Salvi (all injured). Zurich without Aliu, Baumann, Kempter, Omeragic, Palsson and Rohner (all injured). Warnings: 22. Kryeziu (lack), 30. Kakabadse (fault), 39. Khelifi (fault).


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