The Big Twin Lie: Failure of the Decade


UBS, CS, ZKB sue Apple, the Americans back with counterclaim, the Competition Commission urges the police. And now they're all friends.

Banks are launching cards with Apple
Pay, Americans are showing a lot of marriage. happy
Easter. Win-win.

Really? Behind the fight ended
there is a common ditch. His name is Twint. The Swiss mobile app
The banking industry is the failure of the decade.

The development of Twint has cost 500 million so far. And still nobody wants to pay with that. Or was someone ever checked out of Migros with Twint?

Only mothers get out
Dozens of times from cell phone to cell phone, after they with their bullies
Has shared coffee. Her men are like her drinking after the
Football coaching via Twint off.

Otherwise: desert. No one wants to twint. more
worse: nobody needs twint.

A request of half a billion, which is completely useless and makes life difficult, rather than relieved. Deals like Twint Parking say it all: there is pure despair at Twint's Camp.

The NZZ sees the diametrically different.
Pay fights for the connection, "said the leader.
Business newspaper from the country this week. And under it, she wrote:
"Banks are above technology companies."

Reason for the bold thesis follows in the text: Apple has in dispute
with UBS, CS and "small" consorts added.

Come by last. Under the subtitle "The Advantage of Twint", NZZ votes the Song of Songs in the Swiss payment application.

"the application (…) continues to be widely regarded as"
Means of payment peer-to-peer, with friends the account of a
Dine in a restaurant or mothers a nanny
pay in adolescence, "the newspaper said.

but then Twint the winner in the fight of the Goliath to the digital
Mr. and Mrs. Swiss wallet explain.

is in Switzerland (however) much more widespread than Apple or
Samsung Pay. Technology companies have to be careful not to
Miss the connection. "

NZZ looks north for their rating. The connection
lost the tech giants of the Sillicon Valley and out
Far East is "in Denmark, where a native
App Pay has had a resounding success with consumers

"Innovative success" at Twint? This obviously awaits the NZZ. You can count on the success stories of the creators of Twint. They outdo each other with communications cheering every other thousand-thousand obstacle download.

Pending soon? "User" (Twint)

the number of Twint applications installed on Swiss cell phones
Do not say anything. The only thing that matters is who uses Twint –
and most of all why.

Business model is the payment with the Twint, there bank the banks
a mini-fee for each transaction. Over time, lapps
Millions together.

On the other hand, Twint generates money via maternal reciprocity and beer
Telephone. It's free and legal.

So, do banks really deserve Twint? Within today
information. That makes you look deeply.

Conclude this. UBS offers 1,000 francs to
New Twint users. Decoy raiding raffles at its best. It's the
total bankruptcy of Twint architects in their Zurich
Suites Office.


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