Wednesday , November 20 2019
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Tesla converts to kWh in Germany • emobly

Image: Tesla, Inc.

It has long been speculated – now it's official: Tesla will calculate in the future in Europe from kWh

Last weekend, Tesla began converting its superchargers in Germany from € / minute to € / kWh. This change will standardize the billing method for all Tesla superchargers in continental Europe.

Tesla drivers using pay-per-use in Germany pay a price of € 0.40 / kWh on average. The idle rate, therefore, the "garbage charge", if you block the charging station for longer than necessary, is retained.

As the company informs, Tesla basically favors kWh billing because it is the most transparent and fair. Customers pay only for the electricity they receive, regardless of the length of the billing process.

Tesla drivers can use the on-board navigation system PIN information to see which superchargers have already been converted to Germany.

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