Tennis: Novak Djokovic grabs and breaks the racket


Novak Djokovic (31) burns his nerves again in the second round of the tournament in Monte Carlo. Number 1 in the world with rabies destroys a racket and lets one fly to the public.

Novak Djokovic (31) manages the start of the sand season at the Masters tournament in Monte Carlo with an extra turn. The number 1 must go against Kohlschreiber over three sentences. Especially in the second set, which he loses, Djokovic can not contain his anger, since he is once again broken.

After a blow on the exit, the Serbian hits the racket several times on the court and crushes it. Frustrated, he has to get a new bank of players, accompanied by whistles of the spectators.

No warning for bad guys

In the same sentence, Djokovic later makes another slide. He tries desperately to reach a ball, sliding his unmotivated racket out of his hand. The bat flies to the public, an officer returns it to Djokovic. Luckily for him, he leaves without notice from the judge.

In recent months, racket incidents in Djokovic. In January, in Qatar and Indian Wells in March, he breaks his game with rage. In Indian Wells, he still leaves a hole in the canvas.

For Djokovic, it continues on Thursday with its eighth final in the Principality. (Rib)


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