Monday , October 18 2021

Swiss Post raises parcel prices to Zalando and Co.


The online boom takes Päckli-Pöstler to sweat and the post office to its limits. To reinvigorate the millions of dollars invested in new order centers, the yellow giant is now raising its rates for business customers. This must have consequences.

Each year, Mr. and Mrs. Schweizer order more products online. Online trading is booming. The result: package volume has been growing strongly for years. The Swiss Post will therefore need to invest more than 200 million Swiss francs in new regional order centers in the coming years to deal with the package boom triggered by online commerce.

At the same time, it has constantly expanded its services by introducing deliveries in the evenings, on Saturdays, and on Sundays. Even the labor-intensive Christmas season lasts longer, because traders start stocks sooner and earlier.

«Conditions of employment are a scandal»

The post office is in a dilemma. It can hardly increase efficiency. It is out of the question to save on employee salaries, as is common practice abroad. "Conditions of employment in the last mile of Europe are a scandal," says Postlogistics chief Dieter Bambauer at NZZ am Sonntag.

Therefore, the Post now wants to ruin the prices of the packages. She basically has no choice. "We want to introduce slight price increases," says Bamberger. Important: The planned increase does not affect parcels sent by private customers, which represent only a small part of the total volume of orders shipped, but tariffs for business customers.

To pass on to customers?

After all, mail order companies such as Zalando and Amazon sometimes ship millions of orders throughout the year. Bambauer still keeps to himself how much luggage will be more expensive. According to estimates of "NZZ am Sonntag", it should be a one-digit percentage.

How much customers can realize is open. It is up to the mail-order companies, for example, what prices they charge the customer for the delivery. The Swiss Post is not alone in the adaptation. The British Post recently raised package prices by 4.5%. (Pfu)

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