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Super League: Scarce Basel Remains Number One Search

The game: After five minutes, he burns in the FCB penalty area! Alderete awkwardly deflects a flank with the hoe, the ball lands in front of Aratore, but it distorts and places the ball beside Omlins' box. It is one of the few offensive actions of the home team, Ticino cannot win in the seventh home game. The FCB, however, is attractive, especially Fabian Frei. Basler is instrumental in the offensive game, crowning his performance with a goal and an assist. In Lugano runs Cornaredo nothing, indicative of a second-half scene: Carlinhos is half-played, Brazilians otherwise tech-savvy stumble, fall and stand while still one knee in the back of the head. Clues, bad luck and setbacks at the Sonnenstube of Switzerland. Just before the end, Lugano appears again in the big area of ​​FCB. Again it is Aratore, the wing thunders the ball with scissors hits the post. Basel are still behind with their well-deserved win at the Young Boys, who win a crazy game against St. Gallen.

0: 1 Minute 13 | Kemal Ademi Free from Bal in Lugano's defense in Stocker, the FCB captain controls the first-class ball and puts it in the middle. Ademi is available to lead the guests to the leadership. Eighth goal of the season for the Clippers!

0: 2 | Minute 32 | Fabian Frei The second hit also has its origin on the left side. Petretta puts Stocker in, that proves a good eye again and puts it in the back room. Free completely forgot the defense Luganesi and pushes the ball over the line.

0: 3 Minute 93 | Arthur Cabral There is also the joker. Cabral is launched by Frei. The Brazilian is calm and passes Baumann's chance at the gate.

The best: coming soon …

Worse: coming soon …

This gave it to say: coming soon …

Then continue: Natipause is on. FCB play Saturday, November 23, against promoted Servette in Geneva. Ticino has to go to the Bernese Oberland for FC Thun a day later.

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