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Super League: Fabio Celestini complains about Barrage

Lugano coach Fabio Celestini does not think much about the dam. In his view, a relegation in a line of ten is sufficient.

The tension in the Super League is unbearable. At the front, YB and Basel probably disappeared. Back of the GC. The remaining seven teams are fighting for Europe or against league tiebreak. But one thing is not funny: the coach of Lugano, Fabio Celestini.

For nine rounds, the Ticino is undefeated. And yet he threatened Barrage. "Even Thun, who is in third place, is still in danger," say the Waldensians. "At the moment, Berner is in third and will be directly in the group stage of the Europa League.If they lose another, twice, they are again a Barrage candidate.Who the third is exposed to this danger five games to go is not normal Yes, it's ridiculous.

Celestini's line of thought: "A downhill will be enough in a league of ten players." This fight against the Barrage does not attract anyone to the stadium and prevents coaches from playing offensively, taking risks and placing them on the boys. is counterproductive.

Celestini receives support from master coach Gerry Seoane in at least one point: "For the installation of young players, the mode is certainly not ideal." For the tension already …

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