Square Enix: Final Fantasy 14 receives solo content and special magics


On November 16, 2018, Square Enix unveiled its third expansion to the online Final Fantasy 14 RPG at its Fan Festival in Las Vegas. The add-on should appear in early summer 2019 under the heading Shadowbringers. It increases the maximum attainable level from 70 to 80 and will offer new occupations, regions and opponents. There are also two other environments: a large forest as well as a fairly sandy region of mountains and valleys with castles.

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For the combat system, several important changes are planned, including MP and TP are summarized, which should make it easier for newcomers to start. For the clashes, he will come in Shadowbringers in the expected nine dungeons, and at least one attack is planned for up to 24 participants.

Unusual for an online RPG: The caves can handle players on their own and hire computer-aided helpers. The whole thing is subtly reminiscent of the "trust" system of Final Fantasy 11, noting – that major or minor differences will exist, the developer has not yet said.

Also an unusual feature in Shadowbringers will be the New Game Plus mode, allowing players to review legacy content (including back to Final Fantasy 14 Version 2.0) to complete the main missions, such as reviving the plot to power. In this case, the player comes with his current fighting power, usually much larger, but may come out before the end.

A small technical change: With the Final Fantasy 14 extension, it only supports 64-bit versions of Windows. Although the game should initially run on 32-bit Windows, users should be prepared for more and more bugs and problems.

Even before the release of Shadowbringers – which gets version number 5.0 – will be an upgrade to 4.5 with a great release. Players, also solo, can control a blue bird that, on the one hand, can only do one thing at a time: learn techniques of attack and combat monsters and add them to their own repertoire. The mage may reach level 50 for the time being, but later he can continue parallel to the other classes.

Final Fantasy 14 Artwork – Shadowbringers (Image: Square Enix)

Square Enix also announced that it will soon be reshaping the worlds and servers. However, the reason is not so usual with such measures that the number of players decreases. On the contrary: Many worlds are visibly overpopulated five years after difficult start, there are currently about 14 million players according to the manufacturer.

In the US, a third will come to the two data centers so far, in Europe there will be two instead of one in the future. So that friends can still compete together, character transfers, which may be charged, are free. Details will be announced by Square Enix later.


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