Soft cheese coop probably contaminated with fecal bacteria


A soft cheese from the French dairy Fromagerie Alpine can receive a bacterium Coli. The product has now been recovered.

The French dairy Fromagerie Alpine remembers its soft cheese Saint Marcellin Cr̩mier Рbecause the product may be contaminated with fecal bacteria!

Affected are the 80-gram packages with the sales data from March 23 to May 18. The cheese was sold in Coop.

Consequence: febrile gastrointestinal diseases

Customers can take the product to a Coop Store and receive the prize back. The retailer has already removed the cheese from the sale. Customers should not consume it, says the company.

The product may be harmful to the coliform bacteria. In the worst case, two to seven days after consumption, febrile gastrointestinal disease may occur with diarrhea, abdominal cramps, and possibly bleeding.

If these symptoms have already occurred, customers should consult a doctor and advise them on the consumption of cheese, Coop warned. (SDA / HI)


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