Simon Ammann before the 22nd Winter World Cup


(sda) "I'm back and give myself the chance to get on the field," said the current Olympic champion at age 37. Ammann knows a lot of sports fans frown. Why is he still doing this? Especially because it does not stick to the lack of alternatives to the ski jump. The father of two children is also co-owner of a sports marketing and athletic management agency, a board member of a mountain railroad, advanced in pilot training, and enrolled last fall at the university.

"Last season I was close to getting to the best so I could not let the skijumping happen," Toggenburg admitted. Not that he has an account with the sport, but he sees where he could go. He does not want to miss this opportunity, especially because "physically nothing is falling apart with me". And the heart of the competition is still in the right place. "That's why I'm still here."

That's why Ammann invested heavily last summer. In addition to training on the hill and in the weight room, he nudged three new things. He has changed the brand of skiing, developed the carbon footwear even more and now follows his own path with his personal trainer Roger Kamber within the team. "I enjoyed doing all this," he said. "I really invested a lot, but it's almost impossible."

Ammann does not just keep jumping. "It took a lot of ground work to keep me in top-level sport." In the summer, the winner of 23 World Cup competitions was heavily involved in the day-to-day affairs of a ski jumper, adjusting details and tinkering with materials. He still likes this playground. "Ski jumping always took precedence," he said, addressing all of his other commitments. There was a way to get back to the top ten – that he had just failed in the last Olympic Winter.

How far he has progressed in this way, he can only estimate. The truth will bring competitions to light. "In large hills and in windward conditions, I am well equipped," Ammann said. In small systems or tailwind – in conditions where the air does not press too hard against the ski – it is not exactly at the end.

With this statement, the Toggenburger also dampened expectations for Wisla, especially as he often needed some contests in previous years to take off. "With my experience, I will dominate the entry, but Wisla is not the best competition," he said. The test stones will follow in Engelberg, the Four Hills Tournament or the World Championships in Innsbruck and Seefeld.

The swing, he sounded indirectly, he wants to pull until the end of the season. "I can not say yet what I will be happy in Planica in the end," he said. The assumption is obvious, that without regular top-ten final classification of March will be.


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